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  1. GridShinobi

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Its simple they had a plan, get as much money from everyone as possible with broken code, use the GRID name and delay your expectations with this forum as a way to disguise their agenda.... Codemasters they are not, but Conmasters is their true form..... you just spat on all your community! Enjoy that $90 because that is the final transaction this century! Adios
  2. GridShinobi

    BUG: 5 second lap time

    @ChrisGrovesMCM Hi, yes I think it was using the flashback , but I know for sure there is a glitch within the flashback system that does something to the lap times at certain points when you use the flashback, specifically when your split time is better for a section. I have recorded some of these strange time adjustments on the xbox capture recently. 👍
  3. GridShinobi

    BUG: 5 second lap time

    Agree, there is definitely a bug related to track times (during and final) My time for a lap was under a second (00:00:63)