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  1. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Shanghai Oriental. Top time and number 2 are flashback times... it is the next lap where you gain a better time using flashback, its a bug. Not sure how it works, but it does... because I did the time for 2nd with a flashback and it is the only way to get your time to improve vs a lap without flashback.... game is broken trash.
  2. GridShinobi

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Its simple they had a plan, get as much money from everyone as possible with broken code, use the GRID name and delay your expectations with this forum as a way to disguise their agenda.... Codemasters they are not, but Conmasters is their true form..... you just spat on all your community! Enjoy that $90 because that is the final transaction this century! Adios
  3. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Leaderboards haven't changed, still made up of flashback times.... game is a joke/ just like this forum.... a waste of everyone's time. codemasters lol
  4. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Been a week and this is the progress on this game. Shocker.... You should be refunding every grid player. Disgusting that you can get away with releasing a game in this condition and expect everyone to be patient with updates... Don't sugar coat this for what it is, it is an insult.... and a scam, bunch of lying criminals taking money for broken code... But you want us to tell you what needs fixing..... that is pure comedy. While I'm here how do I get a refund? What's the procedure.... $90 for the ultimate broken unpatched edition...
  5. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    somewhere on this forum @ChrisGrovesMCM commented that changing leaderboards will be difficult... that my friend doesn't back up your theory.👍 so the question is how long will it take and can it actually be done....
  6. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    not really, unless you reset all the leaderboards.... don't see that happening.. broke asf Should never have been released in this state....
  7. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Exactly, part of the game since the beginning and a choice, but since they are being used to achieve lap times on leaderboards this is an issue, combined with a bug that gives you a faster lap time. This game is a beta in its current state, what were the developers thinking making flashback laps count as times on leaderboards.... just goes to show how much this game was rushed and how unfinished it is with no testing whatsoever.... Typical gaming model...release it unfinished and update and update and update..... pathetic when you cant even get the basics on release.... Update to fix the flashback - but the leaderboards will still be made up of times that are 'unofficial' because of the flashbug….. and those times will never be beaten because its impossible without flashbug... Leaderboards need reset but that wont happen.... broken game. Get over it!
  8. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    but others do to take advantage of the time glitch to get faster leaderboard times.... so maybe you shouldn't comment, you obviously haven't thought this through.
  9. GridShinobi

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Fixed flashback altering a players fastest lap. So some of the leaderboard times that are in the top 10 have been accomplished using the flashback glitch. But there's no mention of leaderboard reset. Unless you reset the leaderboards this glitch fix does nothing and may as well have been left untouched... Not to mention that the whole idea of using a flashback to get the best lap time is BS, lap times should only be recorded when no flashbacks are used for leaderboard positions..... That's it for me, another dead game. Adios
  10. GridShinobi

    GRID - Next patch update - 24/10/2019

    road kill, sorry
  11. GridShinobi

    BUG: 5 second lap time

    @ChrisGrovesMCM Hi, yes I think it was using the flashback , but I know for sure there is a glitch within the flashback system that does something to the lap times at certain points when you use the flashback, specifically when your split time is better for a section. I have recorded some of these strange time adjustments on the xbox capture recently. 👍
  12. GridShinobi

    BUG: 5 second lap time

    Agree, there is definitely a bug related to track times (during and final) My time for a lap was under a second (00:00:63)
  13. GridShinobi

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    game is lacking, multiplayer especially - lack of lobbies, etc.... why? unless this gets updated the game will not last... original grids were great.