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  1. Hi, English is my second language but I try my best to explain what I want to do writing this thread. I want to find as much as possible gamers as I who will make a pressure on Codemasters to make multiplayer for hardcore fans too. I want in multiplayer open lobby for everyone not only for friends or invitation only, for now this is a joke. I want two type of Quick Match, one should stay like it is and should be called "normal" and second should be called "hardcore", hardcore mode should have switched AI off, full damage On, no flashbacks, flashbacks should be off, no ghosting. With that second lobby called hardcore you will be closer to original Grid that I played countless hours. Right now multiplayer is not enjoyable. I just stopped playing game after few hours. Cars are more like tanks on the road then real cars in terms when there is collision or racing accident this should be changed too. Please Codemasters do the right thing to your game to bring the glory of the original Grid. And fellow gamers please make a comment that you agree somehow with me to let know Codemasters that changes must be done. To let them know there is more disappointed gamers who wants pure racing fun experience like was given to us in original Grid.
  2. inkub69kuba

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Please get rid of flashbacks from multiplayer quick match. Or adjust them to be like reset on track, when your speed after using flashback will be 0mph(kph). It's very annoying when players who are crashing/messing using this to be on track in a blink of eye with full racing speed. Seriously I missing old original Grid days were there was no flashbacks in multiplayer.
  3. inkub69kuba

    [GRID 2019] Multiplayer Thread

    So true. If they just change quick race for start like remove those flashbacks, remove AI, full damage on. I will be happy for some time. Then they could add everything else. I missed old Grid(2008) that multiplayer was perfect for me. Game for now is in bad condition, and many players could abandon this game and never go back, shame on you Codemasters. And where are tracks from previous games? I missing Toca Race Driver days, those games have got big amount of circuits. I hope you will repair your game soon. (Fingers crossed)