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  1. FlatOverCrest

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    I have the World Series tab in-game on Xbox.
  2. FlatOverCrest

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    If there is not at least 100+ vehicles, I will be seriously disappointed. I would not understand how there could possibly be fewer than that when a game limited to rally cars (Dirt Rally 2.0) has 81 unique vehicles. Also, I think Dirt 2 + Dirt 3 had over 80 vehicles in each game and the number should be going up not down. Some of these vehicles are appearing in multiple games (DR 2.0 and Grid 2019), which helps maximize potential profits for the time spent modeling those cars. With 13 car classes, I expect there to be many cars in Dirt 5. When games like Forza Horizon 4 launch with over 450+ unique vehicles, expecting at least one fourth of that is not unreasonable to me. Locations matter but so does the vehicle roster. If the game is light on vehicles, people are definitely going to notice. Hopefully they don't disappoint.
  3. FlatOverCrest

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    From what I am seeing on demo impression videos, people that are seasoned racers, think the game handling model is too easy even with all the assists turned off. I hope this is adjusted so that with all assists off, the game is challenging and throttle and brake inputs are more meaningful with proper feedback through the impulse triggers for Xbox One/S/X/Series X, the adaptive triggers for PS5 and FFB steering wheels. I understand that it is an arcade game but am hoping that in the launch build of the game, all assists off will make it more rewarding for counter-steering and nailing those powerslides with the right amount of throttle and brake inputs. It would be amazing if you could steer the car on throttle to some degree even though it is arcade. I am not asking for the game to be a simulation because I understand that is not the intent but even in Forza Horizon 4, throttle control while drifting matters and they implemented it rather well in that game. Also, I hope that there is something in place to prevent rammers from ruining online races. Forza Horizon 4 ended up with a clever system to stop wall riding and people using you as a brake when entering a turn. Hopefully you can use all cars on all tracks with the exception of maybe sprint cars. I wouldn't really understand the reason for restrictions of certain car classes to certain locations or tracks. Hopefully the cars have working mirrors for cockpit cam and not just silver place holders. I know that it's still 3+ months until release but issues such as cockpit lighting in Grid 2019 were brought up before release and they are still present now 8+ months after release with no fixes announced. The issues were acknowledged for Grid 2019 but now I cannot get a community manager to reply to my request for an update on the issue. I might understand being ignored if I had flamed them or been rude but I have always been respectful on Codemasters' forums. I feel a little let down with the Grid 2019 release at $79.99 for what I feel is not very much content but it makes it even worse to have known issues ignored. This game looks very promising and I am very excited for it as long as they deliver great value which for me was not the case with the latest Grid 2019 game. Dirt Rally 2.0 is my favorite racing game to date and it's because of the attention to detail, the amount of content and the amazing handling model. The community manager for Dirt Rally 2.0 is also first rate. I am very much a fan of some of Codemasters' games but it's great games that make Codemasters' name great and not the other way around. P.S. I have played DIRT 1 on PC/Steam, DIRT 2 on Xbox 360, Dirt 3 on PS3 and am currently playing Dirt Rally 2.0 on Xbox One X. I have not played the first Dirt Rally or DIRT 4. I am very much aware that the numbered DIRT games have been arcade games which is wonderful. I am glad that they are different than the Dirt Rally games and I loved DIRT 1-3. I am only asking for a little more depth to the handling model when all assists are turned off for people that want a challenge.
  4. @CMTGK Could we please get an update on this? Is this something that is still being worked on or is this going to go unresolved? Thank you.
  5. Has this issue been resolved? I checked through patch notes and didn't see anything about it. I am not referring to the lighting of the actual car interior but of external brightness of the sky, sun reflections off the car interior, track reflections and lens flares while using cockpit view. I raced each track during the day with multiple cars and it still seems like extreme brightness in cockpit view is still an issue. Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong or if this has been resolved. Thank you.
  6. Issue: The brake upgrade is missing from the Group A Subaru Legacy RS. Method of Reproduction: Go to garage Select the Group A Subaru Legacy RS Navigate to the Upgrades tab Compare the car to the other Group A cars that have 5 upgrades Notice that the brake upgrade is the one that is missing and that there are only 4 upgrades available Platform: Xbox One X Build: V1.14.0 VR Headset used: none Wheel/Pedals used: none
  7. FlatOverCrest

    WRC 9

    WRC 8 on Xbox One X with a controller is not very good to me. I'm not a fan of 30 fps for a racing game. The cars are extremely twitchy and the controls never seem good no matter how much I tweak them. The cars don't seem to carry inertia through turns. It seems like they almost stop or stall out around sharp turns and then get going again. It also seems like you can't steer the cars on throttle. Counter steering usually results in the car wagging down the stage in a fit of overcorrection to try and get the car pointed in the direction that I want it to go. The sound design for the game seems pretty poor. The fact that they only have a few cars (18 unique cars if you bought the extra legends pack) to do sounds for and they turned out like that is pretty sad. It sounds like a popcorn machine is strapped inside the car while driving over gravel and the sound of hitting standing water is pretty silly as well. I am not interested in the team management aspect of WRC 8 as I want to spend my time driving stages and not hiring/firing or unlocking an elaborate upgrade/perk tree. For me, having better tarmac physics is not enough of a draw to keep me playing the game when all of these other flaws exist. I have heard that on PC with a proper wheel setup, it is quite good but I have neither and expect it to work well on what I have. I don't feel that it does. Even things like the lack of a proper steering wheel rotation animation bug me and I am surprised that they think that is acceptable for 2019 standards. I know that people's opinions of the game vary greatly and accept that mine is just that, an opinion. For these reasons and more I will probably not be interested in purchasing WRC 9 unless there are significant improvements to all of these aspects. However, I don't think this will happen because I can't even find a forum to voice my opinions on these shortcomings so I am guessing they don't really want the feedback to improve their game.
  8. Xbox One X V1.13.0 Central USA Standard Xbox One controller I keep encountering a bug on the repair screen (multiple times with different cars) where I select the repair action that I want, scroll down or up and it switches the repairs back to "no fix". This is preventing me from making repairs where I have to scroll down to get to additional items. 4-26-2020_5-11-24_PM-xs1d0o3a.mp4
  9. Xbox One X Central USA V1.13.0 Standard Xbox One controller Gigabit internet connection Connecting to RaceNet is still incredibly slow most of the time and I am still getting connection errors. These issues have been ongoing since April 7th for me. Update 30 April 2020: RaceNet seems to be working well today.
  10. I absolutely love this idea! A 2.5 liter Millington powered mk2 Escort with carbon fiber and all the modern components similar to the one that Frank Kelly pilots. This 300+ hp car is epic. This would be fantastic for the next Dirt Rally game. Codemasters, please make this happen. Frank Kelly and his daughter Lauren had this car at Rally Legend at San Marino 2019. https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Amateur-Sports-Team/KellyMotorsportRallying/posts/
  11. Xbox One X V 1.13.0 Central USA Gigabit internet connection Connecting to RaceNet servers is still either taking an incredibly long time or returning one of several different connection errors. I ran a speed test and I got at least 400 Mbps down and over 6 Mbps up so I don't think it's my connection because it is working well on all of my devices. These issues have occurred since at least 07 April 2020. Please fix these issues so I can enjoy the game. Update 24 April 2020: Tried the Rally GT daily and got a connection error when trying to start the stage. I finally got it to start and after completing the stage, I keep getting a connection error. No matter how many times I retry it will not advance. My only options are retry, go to main menu or back. It also says, progressing to main menu will result in you losing your progress. This makes doing, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, clubs and mostly anything in "my team" more than a little frustrating.
  12. I just had the same thing happen this week on a daily. Xbox One X V1.13.0 US Xbox One Controller
  13. Xbox One X V1.13.0 United States Standard Xbox One Controller Gigabit internet connection The game is having issues communicating with the RaceNet servers and would not let me continue a weekly event or quit to the main menu. It kept giving me communication errors. 21 April 2020: The RaceNet server communication issues continue and are making it very difficult to enjoy the game. These issues go back to at least 07 April 2020.
  14. It's working great in Central USA on Xbox One now. Thank you! Update: It's slow again. 21 April 2020: The RaceNet server communication issues continue and are making it very difficult to enjoy the game. These issues go back to at least 07 April 2020
  15. Xbox One X Version 1.13.0 Xbox One Controller Central USA Gigabit internet connection I am still experiencing major issues communicating with RaceNet servers. The first daily gave a communication error and started on the second attempt followed by a delay at every step afterwards which totaled a couple minutes. The second daily didn't start until the third server connection attempt and took a total of at least a couple minutes for server communication. The third daily I tried, failed to communicate 14 times in a row only to give me a DNF for quitting to the main menu. Switching between anything in my team that requires server communication takes way too long. My experience is no better today than it was yesterday. All of the Xbox Live services are up and operational. When I did a speed test from network settings on my Xbox, I got over 500 Mbps down and over 10 Mbps up so it's definitely not my connection. Latency was only 35ms with no dropped packets. Please provision enough server resources or increase your bandwidth to handle the number of simultaneous users/connections(sockets) if that is what is required. Thank you. 21 April 2020: The RaceNet server communication issues continue and are making it very difficult to enjoy the game. These issues go back to at least 07 April 2020