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  1. I have an ancient Logitech G25 wheel and peripherals. Do you think that would be okay for modern games like Dirt Rally 2.0? It hasn't been used in about 6-8+ years and had very little use since new. It has just been sitting around collecting dust since then. I didn't think it would be any good for newer games and I have no idea if it still works. I bought it to play GT5 but really didn't use it after that. My PC is too old to run Dirt Rally 2.0 or anything else modern, so that's part of the reason I haven't used it in so long. First, I have to build and new PC but have been waiting because of poor availability, price hikes and scalpers.

  2. I have seen people requesting more narrow stages but not sure I have seen anyone ask for wider stages until you just did. I never played Dirt Rally before playing Dirt Rally 2.0 and only recently purchased the first Dirt Rally for comparison along with Dirt 4. I don't feel like the roads need to be wider at all. If they were wider, I think it would be less representative of most real rally locations/stages. Rally is difficult and it doesn't surprise me that some people will crash quite frequently until they get their rally legs underneath them. I don't think that the majority of most stages are barely wider than the vehicles in Dirt Rally 2.0 either. They seem plenty wide to me. For me, rally is about knowing when to push and when to slow down to preserve the car. I wouldn't consider myself an extremely experienced sim racer, but I manage to get the car to the end of each stage without much damage, if any, most of the time. Sometimes I have a decent crash but it's not often. I ranked 102 for rally and 103 for RX overall (all platforms filter) in the last DR 2.0 world series qualifier that I participated in so I have decent pace as well. I didn't participate in the most recent one though because I was doing other things. I'm not putting that in there to brag, just to show that my lack of frequent crashing isn't because I am driving slowly. Clearly, there are many people quicker than I am. Also when you say experienced sim racer, that seems rather broad to me. If someone primarily plays circuit racers like ACC, rFactor 2, AMS2, etc that doesn't automatically mean they will be good at or have proper experience with rally. Some people can drive anything and be quick but I think most people need time and experience with each specific racing discipline. I am not very good at circuit racers but do okay in Dirt Rally 2.0 because I have played it since shortly after launch. I was pretty bad at Dirt Rally 2.0 when I first started playing it. After I got the hang of it, it became one of the most rewarding racing games I have ever played. Many sim racers that I follow usually only play rally games when they first come out and do very few if any videos/streams on them after that. It seems like they just do them for views and then move back to their circuit based sims. There is nothing wrong with that but I don't think that is representative of the skills of someone that consistently plays rally games. The ones that I see consistently playing rally games well after release are fantastic, have little trouble keeping the vehicles on the stages and are even setting world records in some cases. If they water down the next game to make it easier for people that play games for a short period of time and move on, I think they will lose more people than they gain. After all, Dirt Rally is a sim and not an arcade game. If people don't want a significant challenge then a rally sim probably isn't for them. Real rally is one of the toughest motorsports on the planet. This series is going after realism and the real rally that I watch has some pretty narrow stages. To me, making stages wider and easier would be the opposite of what the Dirt Rally games are trying to simulate (Real Rally). I will say that I think there is a place for wider, easier stages and that should have remained with the numbered Dirt games. I was sad to see stage rally removed from the numbered Dirt games. I think there is still a place for an easier, laid back form of rally for those that don't want the challenge of a rally sim. Dirt Rally and the future CM WRC games should definitely remain sim though. Having an easy Dirt Rally and CM WRC game would be somewhat of an oxymoron because there is nothing easy about rally.

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  3. @RGgiac

    I would love to hear your perspective because it gives me the opportunity to learn from you and expand or even change my way of thinking. I am being sincere and I respect your opinion as well.

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  4. @RGgiac

    When I bought Dirt Rally 2.0, I had no idea there was a US location in the game and I would have still purchased it had it not included the American Rally GT cars or New England. I definitely didn't see an American flag on the game case nor did I expect to see one featured in the game. You make a good point with wanting what's best for the next game in an unselfish way. I want the best locations and stages for the next game, no matter where they are located. I get what you are saying and agree with that perspective (and I'm from the US). 

    However, I think that many Americans don't know about rally because it's just not as mainstream here as other forms of motorsport. I like that some US based rally content is featured in the game, because maybe it will get more young Americans interested in US rally. One location out of 13 seems like a reasonable amount in each game to me. The US market is certainly not tiny either with a population around 330 million people. 

    Microsoft is the most prominent sponsor featured on the current Toyota WRC cars. I think US involvement in rally is a good thing. Look at all of the tech companies that are US based. I think globally, rally could benefit from more US sponsorship and involvement. It's exciting to me to currently have an American driver and co-driver in the WRC as well.

    If you are playing Dirt Rally 2.0 on a computer, there's a good chance that a large portion of that technology originated from US based companies (MS Windows, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Micron, Western Digital, Seagate, Cisco networking equipment, etc.) I have purchased hardware from most of these companies and I don't think any one of them had an american flag slapped on the product or packaging and they are all US-based companies. If you are playing on an Xbox, then there is a lot of American tech in that box. Many people know that most consoles are using an AMD CPU and GPU architecture. I think the only exception is the Nintendo switch which uses an Nvidia Tegra SoC. That means that most people gaming are using US based hardware to run their games.

    Surely you still want American brands in the next game like Ford. Opel was even owned by another American company, General Motors from 1929 to 2017. Would you not want those vehicles in the next game because of their American origins/heritage?

    I love diversity in gaming. Look at Automobilista (AMS) and Automobilista 2 (AMS2) by Reiza Studios. Those games are fantastic takes on Brazilian Motorsports. I am glad they exist and I think a muddy Brazilian rally could be awesome. I think it's fine and only natural to want content from your home country. I also agree with wanting the best locations and stages that we can get and not just ones that are from our home countries because that's where we live.


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  5. I really enjoy the Camaro and Mustang, along with the other Rally GT vehicles. I REALLY like New England as well. I'm not really sure why people are so against having US-based content in future Dirt Rally titles. Rally in America is actually pretty exciting. It may not yet be as well known or popular as it is in other parts of the world but it's good enough for Subaru Motorsports USA to run a full two car program each year and to have a complete Subaru US-based rally video series (Launch Control). The Vermont SportsCar Subaru's they are running in ARA (America Rally Association) are top level vehicles and are quite a bit more capable than even what is represented in Dirt Rally 2.0 with the JRM developed Subaru WRC STI NR4 vehicle. I would absolutely love to see VSC (Vermont SportsCar) vehicles featured in future Dirt Rally titles. The JRM Subarus are fantastic NR4 class vehicles and I am not trying to take away from those. It's just that the VSC Subaru's are OPEN class monsters that I would really love to drive in the next game. The DirtFish Rally School and Team O'Neil Rally School are also both US-based and I think those are rather good. DirtFish is also pretty involved with the WRC at the moment. I'm not saying that I want most locations to be US-based but some of the US rally locations look to be pretty fantastic and I wouldn't mind seeing more of those. I know some people will disagree but for fans of VSC and Launch Control, it seems pretty exciting. For anyone that is just hopping on the, "it's currently popular to dislike the US" train without researching, I encourage you to watch Launch Control and look into what Subaru Motorsport USA/VSC are doing if you haven't already. If you think either of those two things are not very good or are boring then we probably won't see eye-to-eye on the matter.

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  6. I really appreciate people taking the time to respond to my post. This is part of the reason why I love this community so much. Some people may be wondering why I didn't just go to YouTube to get this type of information. When I did look at YouTube sim information/reviews, what I found was the majority of sim racers reviewing gear without using rally games as a consideration. Most of them are playing iRacing, AC, ACC, AMS 1&2, rFactor 1&2, PC2, etc. I enjoy playing off-road, rally, and circuit racers so if I invest in a sim setup, I want it to be great on all genres of racing games. Also realizing now that I didn't consider PC/console compatibility. Not sure I am going to find a high end wheel/pedal combo that works with all platforms (PC/XSX/PS5). If future Forza games launch on PC and run well, I will only need PC and PS5 compatibility. I will probably primarily play on PC but also want to be able to play future Forza and Gran Turismo games on console with the setup if needed. seems like most higher end DD wheels do not work on all three platforms. I'm not a sim only player and enjoy all sorts of racing games as long as they are well-made and fun. They have to be fun in the end because that's why I play games. I'm hoping even more people will post to help myself and others looking to make the leap to a wheel setup that is compatible and works well with all kinds of racing games. Thank you to everyone that has posted so far and to everyone that does in the future.

  7. I was hoping that people that have played Dirt Rally 2.0 using direct drive wheels or belt/gear driven wheels would describe their experiences with each type. If people have played on both kinds, I would be interested to know how the experience is different from one to the other and any insight for people looking to make the leap to a wheel setup. I mostly play rally games but am also interested in a setup that can be used on iRacing, AC, ACC, AMS 1&2, rFactor 1&2, PC2, etc. I also need to be able to play RBR, the older Dirt games, Dirt Rally and various other older racing games on the setup. Please help.

  8. Cheer up mate. No reason to be sad. That just means they will take the time to do it right, give it the development time and proper launch that it deserves. That's not to say that I am not eagerly awaiting news and it's eventual release, because I am ecstatic about the possibilities.

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  9. I don't suspect we will hear much, if anything at all, until the end of 2021. As much as I want a new Dirt Rally game, I want them to take their time and put the new console hardware and PC GPUs to work. Whenever they decide to release information on the next rally game, really hoping they decided to cut the cord on previous gen hardware and to wow us with a new engine, visuals and an updated physics model. If it's the same people on the team that made DR 2.0 then I am very optimistic about the next entry.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, gk9147 said:

    When teaser or info come  for DR 3  :classic_sad:

    PJ said that this is the closest we are going to get for current information regarding the next Codemasters rally game:


    Codemasters said: “We are committed to rally and the DiRT Rally team is already working on their next project ahead of the WRC agreement in 2023.”

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  11. After seeing people's comments on longer stages versus variety of stages and keeping current locations in the next Dirt Rally game, I am rather torn. I think it would be amazing to have all of the current rally locations and stages moved over to the next Dirt Rally but only if that didn't prevent us from getting at least 6 new locations and new content like we did in the previous Dirt Rally 2.0 game. I thought I saw a map someone made in the past that showed how a longer stage had to be split up into the two current parent stages that we now have in DR 2.0 because of the game engine limitations not allowing for longer stages. It would be very cool if those could be combined in the next game to give us the longer stages or played in their current form. I just don't want to mostly be driving the same stages that were in the previous games without lots of new ones to go along with them. I definitely agree with having variety within locations and that stages should not necessarily look the same just because they are at that same regional location. Saying that, it would be cool to have stages added with a different asthetic and surface types/colors/textures for current locations. Even though I want longer 25+ km stages, it's not like every location added has to have the 25+ km stages. As someone mentioned earlier WRC 9 has some longer stages at various locations and I really want to see at least a few 25+ km stages in the next game. Imagine driving the entire Finland Ouninpohja stage. That would be epic.

    Also, imagine if we could get advanced pace notes like in this video. That would make the next game even more epic. Hopefully any locations that are converted to the next game/engine will abandon the mandatory smoke effects for all the locations that have that. Having fog or location specific weather that actually regularly occurs at locations in real life is great though as long as you can also drive under actual clear conditions.

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  12. 36 minutes ago, Orangetuner said:

    Did you try Rally x in PC2? It was pretty satisfying on gamepad. If SMS improved upon the Rally x dirt physics from PC2 and focuses entirely on WRC I wouldn't be surprised if a WRC game by SMS is actually really decent. I remember one of the things people pointed out against in PC2 was that SMS stretched themselves too thin with all disciplines with their limited team. If they are assigned one discipline we could actually see them shine. 

    I'll re-install it and give it a try. I do remember doing some snow/ice races and they were unplayable on controller for me. I think I drove the Audi EKS RX car though on one of the RX tracks and that was decent. The problem for me is that the handling was all over the place in that game. I didn't like vehicle handling for asphalt or snow on controller at all. It was insanely twitchy or numb. I could never find a happy medium regardless of the controller settings I used. I even looked up settings guides for the game and still wasn't satisfied. PC2 and WRC 8 are two games that just aren't the best on controller for me. WRC 9 is an improvement but still wouldn't qualify for what I would consider great controller handling.

    If anyone has good PC2 controller settings that work for you, please PM me with them because I really want to like the game. I play on Xbox.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Madhun1967 said:

    Yeah, i guess as we have no clue yet whats in store, but if tarmac isnt "fixed" for WRC title, then id rather they kept it all gravel sim............

    I fully agree that something needs to be done with the asphalt/tarmac handling and I am pretty certain they are aware of it's shortcomings in the Dirt Rally 2.0 game. Here's to hoping we get great asphalt/tarmac physics in future rally titles and maybe some improvements in gravel physics as well. The gravel handling in Dirt Rally 2.0 is really good but I would love to see them ditch the center pivot model and have the vehicles following the front wheels in a more realistic manner for car rotation.

  14. I'm not looking for a quick fix for a title that should have plenty of development time. If they were going to do a quick fix, it should have been done for Dirt Rally 2.0 but that ship has sailed. I hope they take their time and do a great job on the asphalt handling and work on improving the physics overall for the next Dirt Rally and future CM WRC games. I hope team leads from the Rally team head up the WRC games and not SMS folks. I don't want Project Cars:Rally personally. I don't have anything against SMS, just think the Project Cars franchise at this point tries to tackle too many things and ends up being a master of none. I definitely think they are a better fit for the Grid franchise and could see them being successful at that. To me PC3 has worse visuals, worse sounds and worse performance on consoles than PC2 but 1000X better controller playability.

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  15. 20 minutes ago, Madhun1967 said:

    you ever play PC2 rally x ? That was great i thought ...................

    I own PC2 on Xbox and I could never get a controller setup that was any fun to play on. I couldn't enjoy that game with a controller to the point that I uninstalled it. I think I would need a wheel to enjoy PC2. Dirt Rally 2.0 is amazing on controller. Also, assuming that they would go the PC2 route when they clearly went a different direction with PC3 might not pan out. Other studios do asphalt physics better than Project Cars in my opinion. PC3 handles better on a controller but that franchise has an identity crises and never lived up to the hype. I don't want Project Cars injected into Codemasters' rally games. I don't think PC3 handles well on a wheel from watching people's feedback. PC3 is still a fun game despite being a departure from previous titles but it just doesn't seem like a good segway into a rally game to me.


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  16. 17 minutes ago, Madhun1967 said:

    where is the SMS insipired tarmac handling being implemented in future rally titles with the collaboration ?

    I for one do not want to see a PC3 handling model implemented in rally games. I own and have played PC3 but I want that handling to stay far away from any Codemasters' rally games. The Dirt Rally team just needs to figure out asphalt/tarmac and revamp the physics themselves in my opinion.

  17. With Volkswagen pulling out of motorsports, does that mean that they will no longer be featured in future Dirt Rally games? That would be very disappointing to not have VW vehicles from Dirt Rally 2.0 in the the next game. Since they are trying to go all electric, they may not want engine based vehicles representing them in future titles. When you think about all of the brands that Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen Group owns, we might not have VW, Porsche, Audi, Seat, and Skoda vehicles featured in future Codemasters titles. Hopefully they will still allow past models to be licensed or that would be terrible.

  18. Thanks PJ for taking to time to respond to all of my questions and comments. We are lucky to have such a great Dirt Rally community manager. Will you also be the community manager for the eventual Codemasters WRC games? I really hope so.

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  19. That would mean that each location had an average of 24km. I don't think that is the case unless you are talking about reversing or segmenting the longer stages into smaller ones. I could be wrong and I will try and look into it if we don't get a response. I don't consider a reversed stage or a long stage segmented to be smaller ones to be unique stage km/miles.

  20. On 11/18/2020 at 8:12 AM, PJTierney said:

    I'll see if I can have a chat with our handling designer who may be able to drop some insight 🙂

    Did you have a chat with the handling designer? If so, what did they say? Thank you.


    35 minutes ago, PJTierney said:
    1 hour ago, FlatOverCrest said:

    I'm just not a fan of the marketing department saying there are 100+ stages in a rally game when to me it's really just 13 unique small/medium stages chopped up and reversed.

    It's always better to look at the number of unique kms in a game than the raw Stage/Track count.


    DiRT Rally 2.0 has about the following:

    • 150km (Base Game, Rally Only)
    • 315km (GOTY, Rally Only)


    I don't have time to add up the numbers from other rally games, somebody else can do the research 🙂  

    Do those km figures include reversed stages or segments taken from longer stages?

  22. 39 minutes ago, Orangetuner said:

    True. But what can Codemasters really do if just one 25+ km stage takes 2-3 months to complete? There are 13 or so locations with 1-2 real life stages in dr 2.0 that they've added over two 1/2 years give or take. Ill assume half of those were scanned after dirt 4 released. Granted maybe Spain and Australia might of had some assets spill over from dirt 4. So maybe we can assume it takes one 1/2 years to complete one 25km stage for 6 locations.

    Man. The whole dirt team working on dirt rally should alleviate at least some of the workload but can they really release more than 6 new locations before dr 3.0 releases? let alone just 1 more 25km parent stage per location by early 2022? If they're doing GaS and if I had to pick I would pick releasing locations over extra 25km parent stage and do what you suggest and give an option to chose how long you want the rally to be. but idk

    One thing they can do is start working on them now if they haven't already. There are 13 locations in Dirt Rally 2.0 but many of those were carried over from Dirt Rally and refreshed. I see what you're saying but you also have to consider that people usually want more and games launching with less cars, less circuits or less stages/km/miles usually aren't going to be praised for doing so. They especially aren't going to be well received if they are the same stages for the third time around in a rally game. You're not supposed to have the stages memorized in rally like you do in circuit racers (realize you know this, just stating the obvious for emphasis).

    I agree that having the entire team being able to focus completely on Dirt Rally should help some. They don't have to release more than 6 brand new locations if they have one 25+ km stage and one other unique stage per location in my opinion. They pretty much already did GAAS which is why I spent roughly $119.97 to get all of the Dirt Rally 2.0 content as soon as it launched. They can release additional locations later on but I would rather have all DLC be brand new stages for the rally content even if that means less of it in total. If I want to drive Dirt Rally 2.0 stages, I'll just play Dirt Rally 2.0 stages. I don't think people will be as receptive this time around for carry-over stages from previous games but that's just the opinion of one person. I always strive to provide suggestions and constructive criticism. I know the Dirt Rally team works extremely hard to give us the best rally game that they can and my intent is only to help. I never said what I was asking wasn't difficult but I think it would make for a spectacular experience as far as tackling longer and unique stages goes.

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  23. I want super long stages. There are plenty of longer real rally stages to justify it. The max stage length in the WRC is 80 km/50 miles and they actually had a stage that was that long back in 2016. I'm not saying I want stages that are 80 km long but I would like one 25+ km stage and at least one other unique stage per location. I want unique stage mileage and not just one small/medium stage cut up 6 different ways and run in reverse. That's just not enough to keep it fresh in my opinion. They could always put an event length slider or setting for people that didn't want to play the full length stages in career mode and people could just select smaller slices in custom events if that's what they prefer. Real rally is difficult and most events are over 200+ km. Since we are not going to get that many km per location we at least need enough variation to keep us relying on the co-driver. I think most people playing Dirt Rally games for an extended amount of time are looking for a challenge. I know I am. I'm just not a fan of the marketing department saying there are 100+ stages in a rally game when to me it's really just 13 unique small/medium stages chopped up and reversed. Total unique stages miles matters more than how many segments you can chop stages into. I'm hoping we get longer stages and more unique/varied stage km/miles in total for future Dirt Rally and Codemasters WRC games. Some real stages even within a single rally are very different and I would really love to see more of that variety in future games along with surface variation/changes that make a difference.

  24. I think I spent $119.97 to get all of the content in Dirt Rally 2.0 (Day One Edition $59.99 + S1&S2 $29.99 + S3&S4 $29.99). I think the whole labor of love thing is a bit of a stretch at those prices. Kinda makes it sound like we were getting lots of free content, which to me is definitely not the case. It's my favorite racing game of 2019/2020 but in no way was it a bargain. I'm not saying I regret buying it but that's nearly as much as two AAA games. I appreciate the sound updates, the new location and the car but for the total price of the paid DLC in the game, I don't know that you can consider them free.

    I hope the next Dirt Rally game has all new locations in the base game and all new DLC. I don't want to play a good portion of the same game, with a fresh coat of paint the next time around. I want an amazing all new experience at those prices. To me, rally games are not something that you iterate on like the F1 games. You need fresh locations with longer stages that keep you relying on the co-driver. I have driven the stages in Dirt Rally 2.0 so much that I will feel like I am playing a circuit racer if these same locations/stages are in the next game. After so many locations/stages being in the first Dirt Rally game and now Dirt Rally 2.0, I feel like it has to be a clean slate for me to want to spend that much money again.

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