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  1. I tried career rally and it crashed after selecting continue after completing the 4th stage today. The game crashed on two of the four dailies after completing them and selecting continue. I have not played career rallycross enough to give you an answer on that one yet. I will update you once I test it out.
  2. I'm sorry that is happening. It could be that mine isn't crashing at game launch because I'm on an older 1080P tv and not running the game at native 4K with hdr. I have 4K mode enabled but I think it just performs supersampling and downscales it to 1080P. It crashes on my Xbox One X after completing dailies and Colin McRae challenges. It even crashed when I made the pace notes earlier and applied it in the service park before a daily. I have not tried weeklies, monthlies or career rally/rallycross since the update. Freeplay/time trials is about the only thing that hasn't crashed yet since the
  3. I am having similar issues on my Xbox One X since the update including crashes on dailies and flat out scenarios. I have not done the weekly because I was hoping something would change and then I wouldn't get a DNF for that one.
  4. I am having issues with the game crashing as well on my Xbox One X after the update to version 1.13.0 and the flat out pack. I cannot do any of the Colin challenges and the game is crashing after daily/weekly my team events when I click continue and even when applying simple settings changes such as pace notes speed. I have not had it crash yet in freeplay/time trial. I have not played career rally/rallycross since the 1.13.0 update. I play with a standard Xbox One controller. I am signed into RaceNet and have tried the challenges on multiple difficulty settings with no success. I have played
  5. Xbox One X 1.13.0 Using standard Xbox One controller 24 March 2020 Since the pace notes for Scotland seem too late, I tried adjusting the pace note speed after selecting the Australia daily challenge. I made the change in the service park before the stage and the game crashed when I clicked apply. After restarting the game and changing the pace note speed to earlier in the main game settings, the game crashed after completing the stage and clicking continue.
  6. In the patch notes for v1.13.0, it says that the team resolved an issue where the rev lights for the Mini Cooper SX1 appeared blurred. In cockpit view, on my Xbox One X, the dashboard and steering wheel rev lights don't illuminate at all on the Mini Cooper SX1. Xbox One X v1.12.0 I'm using the standard Xbox One controller.
  7. In cockpit view, when shifting during a turn, the drivers hand continually/constantly switches between the steering wheel and the gear shift lever over and over again quite a while after the gear change has taken place. This issue has occurred since at least v1.8.0 and probably even before that. It is rather distracting. It would be nice if this was fixed. Xbox One X v1.12.0 I'm using the standard Xbox One controller.
  8. I would really like a modern Hyundai R5 car and WRX car like we have with most of the other manufacturers, along with their classic offerings. Edit: Sorry, I realized after posting this that it isn't the place for this, that other people have already requested this and that it has already been stated that next months DLC release will be the last major content. Please delete or move to suggestions for possible DR 3.0 game. Thank you.
  9. It seems like after the latest update the frame rate has been compromised. Is anyone else getting lower fps? I think it is happening with all cars and all locations for me. It used to be mostly buttery smooth. I hope it gets resolved because a good stable frame rate is one of the things that makes the game so enjoyable versus other rally games. Xbox One X v1.12.0
  10. Oh man, that would be fun to have that Ford Transit to toss around the stages.
  11. No, I mean the shift light as in the light that is on the outside of the instrument cluster shroud that should light up when it's time to shift. I am aware that most RX cars do not usually have headlights.
  12. The shift light on the Opel Corsa Super 1600 doesn't work for me. Xbox One X v1.12.0
  13. It appears that in the promotional materials on the Codies blog that several of the pictures feature the fog/smoke like Finland has. I am really hoping that is not the case again for what is labeled as clear conditions. What do you think? http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/01/dr2_mcrae_info/
  14. Xbox One X Mini Cooper SX1 I have the same issue where none of the rev lights work using cockpit view.
  15. I thought this was rather interesting considering the gossip surrounding possible Colin McRae tribute content in Dirt Rally 2.0 and the owner of one of the cars that CodeMasters supposedly recorded audio for certainly got my attention: https://www.dirtfish.com/blog/rallylegend-2017-a-tribute-to-colin-mcrae/
  16. I thought this was rather interesting considering the gossip surrounding possible Colin McRae tribute content in Dirt Rally 2.0 and the owner of one of the cars that CodeMasters supposedly recorded audio for certainly gets my attention: https://www.dirtfish.com/blog/rallylegend-2017-a-tribute-to-colin-mcrae/
  17. In Free Play you can change the grid size to 1 and you will be the only one racing on the track and you can do up to 99 laps if you want to. I was surprised as well with not being able to spectate other people using the cockpit view. It's the same when spectating in a multiplayer lobby. Yes, the lighting in the game needs some adjustments and hopefully it's something they are going to sort out. @LottaLava
  18. You can select the number of laps on the track selection screen under free play. The default is usually 3 but you can set it to a maximum of 99 laps if desired.
  19. I cannot use mods because I am on Xbox so I need them to release additional locations/tracks. I have not lost the desire to play the game but I do want either new locations or all/most of the remastered locations from Autosport. I have beat the career mode with all gold trophies so I am looking forward to multiplayer updates and hopefully many more locations.
  20. Dear Codemasters, Please release more than one track/location per season. If you can't/won't give us additional new tracks, please at least release all/most of the previous tracks from GRID Autosport. I am usually in the camp of new game, new tracks, but at this point if I can't get more new ones, I'll be happy for all/most of the old ones remastered in GRID 2019. Please don't leave us with only 15 total locations/tracks at the end of season 3 and leave out so many of the great ones from previous titles. One location/track per season is not enough when the starting number is so low. Thank
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