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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hey @ChrisGrovesMCM! Long time Codies fan here (since the TOCA days) but my first time on the forums. The new Grid is certainly lean on content but I can see it becoming incredible with the right support. Feature/Content Requests: 1. Track Request: Bathurst. Some of my fondest memories from the more recent GRID titles have come from endless laps of Mt Panorama. The insanity of the track marries well with the dramatic racing in 2019's GRID. The extremely exciting inclusion of modern V8 Supercars in the title is just another reason why this track would be a welcome addition. 2. Car Request: 2019 Ford Mustang Supercar. I respect licences are difficult but having a mustang to compliment the ZB Commodore would really complete the package, especially if Bathurst is added. The inclusion of the FG Falcon at launch was a welcome surprise though, I'm really glad the team have included Australian motorsport! 3. Car Request: S5000. I was excited to see open-wheelers in GRID 2019. However, neither the JEDI F1000 or Renault F1 offer the racing brutality I expected in this GRID title. GRID could really do with a big, angry open wheeler that is both amazing to look at but a handful to drive. The newly launched S5000 series in Australia would be an incredible addition to GRID. Hopefully, the infancy of the series would also make a licence agreement easier to achieve. See the S5000 highlight package below if you are unfamiliar with the cars. 4. Feature Request: Increase Career Race Distance. I know I'm far from the first to ask this, but I would also like to see an option to increase the Career race distance. I understand that GRID targets a more casual audience, but having longer races as an option would be great. In fact, I've put the game down while waiting for this change in the hope I will be able to maximise my time/enjoyment in the career mode. 5. Technical Request: Force Feedback. Once again, I know GRID targets a casual audience and I'm super happy I can use my Thrustmaster TMX wheel at all. I don't normally run very heavy FFB but the feedback is extremely weak even for my liking (everything is turned up to the max). If it's possible, I would like to see the strength increased. Thanks for the great game and engaging the community as it continues to evolve. I hope some of my suggestions are considered along with the great ideas already shared here in the forums!