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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi I play timetrial like a lonely pony . there are so many missed features but I love the game so please could you address some of them . 1. Where is ghost cars from top laps ? 2. Menu for checking leaderboards is annoying. If I go back after seeing a time I have to search through all tracks and class types again . 3. There should be a timetrial section already setup which saves my best time so I’m not spending more minutes reaching my best time to then spend more time trying to beat it . 4. On global leaderboards there should be a menu system like R1 L1 for cycling through all stages in each class . So I can see what stages need my WR . 5. Small detail, terminals and flashbacks should invalidate lap time for the particular lap. 6.in timetrial there should be the option to display track top times . So I can see how much I’m off per section. 7. Gear changes are ridiculously sluggish. 8. I hate comparing games but the last best racing title in this genre is driveclub maybe have a look at their setup for timetrial . 9. I know that timetrial isn’t important to you guys , but it’s what people turn to when they are bored of campaigning. Having an active and well structured world leaderboard gives us something to work for . Evil nemesis ghosts eeking .005 , making one botched gear change and having the top ghost pull a half car in front is what it’s all about for me