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  1. mojo1976

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Still have server issues when trying to complete dailys etc when it does ket you in it takes alot of time to load, please fix as we love this game and can't do our dailys
  2. mojo1976


    I have an xbox one X, t3pa pedals and TX wheel and th8a shifter...I've managed to bind buttons and calibrate my wheel then imagine my horror when going to play this expensive game I get absolutely no ffb in my wheel, codemasters please stop releasing half completed games or if you do at least make sure the fundamentals work, we pay a lot of money for our periphials and the only thing I can do is play it by controller which is unacceptable, I hope this is fixed SOON as I've been waiting for this game only to be deflated by yet another codemasters flaw.