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  1. Ice_nl

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    @ChrisGrovesMCM Are you sure? The dirt on the cars I can understand as a design choice but not the totaled look of the cars: This is how my car looks at the start of a new race (free run). It is especially noticeable on the carbon cars. I dont dare to race with them anymore because they all end up looking like this.
  2. The DLC is in the dutch store now, just downloaded it.
  3. Ice_nl

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    I just tested it again after the last update and my cars are still scratched. @ChrisGrovesMCM Do you know if this is a bug that is already looked into?
  4. I also cant acces the Season 1 content in the dutch psn store . Just read the other topic about it, i just need to wait some more.
  5. Ice_nl

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    I didn't like the pcars games, as controller support was terrible. But does this mean there is a chance for a new Motorstorm or Driveclub game? Also isn't it quite strange to reacquire some of the ex onrush developers that left to sms?
  6. Has anyone tried to automate this trophy on ps4 with ps4macro and remoteplay? Also it should be possible to lower the requirement for the throphy after people unlocked it, it has happened to other games as well (e.g. Watch Dogs). But otherwise a mileage counter would be nice. But it would also be interesting to know how the decision making for including such a throphy goes?
  7. Will this update also include bugfixes, or will that be a seperate patch? I would like to use the real liveries but those are all scratched now. Also is there a reward for completing the events? It would be nice if there is another carbon ultimate edition skin?
  8. Ice_nl

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    The problem still exist with the latest patch, is there any update on this issue?
  9. They also changed the career mode credits, I used to run the tuner showdown event a couple of times to buy some cars as that event gave around 145.000 credits every run. Now it has been changed to 45.000 credits.
  10. Ice_nl

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    I like the game, the only issue i noticed is that the cars are scratched at the start of the race. Is this also something you are currently investigating?
  11. Ice_nl

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    This must be a bug, this is how most of my cars look at the start of an event. (This was a free play race.)
  12. Ice_nl

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    Hopefully this can be fixed, i am fine with car damage, dirt and scratches carrying over during rounds of an event, but when using the car in an other event of free mode i would like it to be new. I also noticed that when running a career event which supplies a loan car multiple times the car starts out dirty and gets dirtier every time when you re run the event.