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  1. Maxiemwagenaar

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    Ah I see, thanks for the update! Hoped you didn't reply yet though because I had another addition to my question which is that the car class is also not specified even though the rulebook says 'cars and stages as follows'.
  2. Maxiemwagenaar

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    Just to add some information for people. Higher degradation is faster in New Zealand because the turns have more banking than normal and thus you can carry more speed through a sharp turn. Time trial is much slower in comparison. Last year (world series) in R2 for example I was doing 8:19s on Waimarama point forward (custom event, starting P16) but in time trial 8:24-25 seems like a comparable time. So ye, a degraded surface is not slower at all on some locations and practicing time trial is not the way to go. Most people check runs on youtube that people have uploaded to see if the degradation levels are very high or very low. Then go into custom events and start/retire until they get a degradation level that matches what they see in the videos and start to practice that. If you press restart and then quit to main after the finish (or just restart) you can use that same event for multiple days without having to worry about needing to find the correct position again. You can't select the starting position yourself so you just have to remake the entire custom event over and over until you get the roll you want which isn't great but within 15 minutes you're usually fine. And yes, 4:14.6 is a sick time. Did a 15.9 myself with a different car, no idea how they are able to handle the escort so well. Super hard to drive so massive respect to them. If you want to try and qualify though, get an xbox since the winning time this week was a 4:25 or something.. Question for PJ: is there a typo in the rulebook for the qualifying final stages? Stages 2 and 3 match the stages we drove in the online qualification but stage 1 is now the reverse and not the forward. Is this correct or should it be the same stages?
  3. Maxiemwagenaar

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    What is the famous potato field? If it's the one in Kopina that one doesn't even save a full second and this NZ one saves way more than that 😕 If it was Czarny Las then ye, that was quite an off-track festival with one driver exploring for half of sector 4 if I recall correctly 😅 Nice to hear you've taken this into account! Using these things is not something most top drivers like but it is almost required. The stages picked barely have any of them though which is nice so again thanks for doing that! A personal downside is that this probably caused 3 stages in Spain haha EDIT://Speaking of cuts. Holjes seems to be broken and it seems the PS4 guy is legit according to the rules. Cutting half the track can be classified as a major problem I reckon. And Holjes will appear again in 2 months time.
  4. Maxiemwagenaar

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    First two times on PS4 in RX need to be investigated. 19 and 2 seconds faster than the current champion, sure.
  5. Maxiemwagenaar

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    Again split by platform and in TT format? The xbox people better step it up this time otherwise I'll regret not buying one for an easy spot. Sounds harsh but it was the reality last time around. Apart from maybe 1-2 people there were 50-100 faster people that could've gotten those qualifier spots based on their times.
  6. PC/Steam/Europe/Club event Connection failed after SS2. Code = 35002aab00477c3-3a311d18-0-2. Been trying for 10 minutes now. This stuff has been going on since release, inexcusable.
  7. Maxiemwagenaar

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Only mentioned it because it's on the assists tab in the settings as 'external views' and for the sake of completeness. I don't see it as an assist personally but maybe internal game logic thinks otherwise (although I guess not seeing how I was in the assists off section of the community events).
  8. Maxiemwagenaar

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Most of the people extremely high up on the boards do not use assists apart from the popular hood camera (so external views enabled). In this game they slow you down, it was one of the first things I tested when I got the game and then again verified during the NZ R2 qualifier which I extensively practiced (could not keep up with my ghost at all when I started using assists, like not even close). This was having everything enabled, so maybe there is a subset that can yield an advantage but it can't be much. It seems you figured this out by yourself now actually testing it after debating it for two entire pages on this forum.. If you start claiming 15-20 second improvements you better have the proof to back it up. A lot of people don't seem comfortable with the realisation that they are not the best at this game, or come close to being the best. I'm not trying to directly attack you here but there are so many 'assists are unfair everyone can be top 1% with them' or 'man I can't compete because I just don't know the cuts in this game that save 10 seconds a stage easily it's unfair' topics/comments out there it's ridiculous. What you need to do to get high on the boards just comes down to 'git gud'. Slight rant over I guess. Btw, if you look at the community event section of the DR2.0 website you can filter the daily/weekly/monthly boards by assists vs no assists but it is unclear what 'assists' actually means. I don't run any assists apart from hood camera and I'm listed under no assists. Does anyone know what counts as an 'assist?
  9. Since that was my clip let me just say I play every game with lower graphics, I just like it since the visual clutter and effects don't mix well with my brain. I did not turn it all down to gain an advantage and graphics settings don't just magically make bushes solid, get over that. And times being 'too fast'? Okay. Anyway, I don't like cuts either but this one is hardly noteworthy, you could've at least gone for the cut towards the end where you throw your car into a bowl at full speed saving nearly a second. The other 'cuts' in that qualifier hardly did anything to be honest and my best no cut run (barely did them, like a handful max) was a mid 8:20, faster than my qualifier time. Getting off topic here though and I don't really need to defend myself, CM allowed cuts and thus people will need to use them. Apart from the last Polish stage the cuts were very mild though, be honest here, we're not talking about 5-10 seconds each stage. Not even close. I agree with the sentiment in this topic though, the final will not be very entertaining. If I (and many other PC players) had purchased an Xbox and qualified through that we would be getting a free ticket to the final which is stupid to say the least. I mean I took it ultra safe in Spain to win the overall (well hopefully?) and I still ended up faster than the best Xbox player.. There are at least a handful PS4 players though that could keep up with the top PC players, ish, so that won't be too bad. It's just that there will be two people in the final going into it knowing they will not even be close to getting 4th place while actual top players that could challenge for all podium spots are standing on the sidelines. The most exciting thing to watch will be the PC semis (aka the real finals), after that it's only a matter of checking who the winner will be.
  10. This is not a consistent workaround. After a few restarts or selecting a new stage it will stop showing the split times. Not all the time though, cannot really point to a solid reproduceable way. Once it stops showing them though it won't comeback until you turn some settings on/off again but that is also not consistent. Sorry for not finding anything concrete but just wanted to let you know this is not a good workaround.
  11. Maxiemwagenaar

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    You have to understand though, the F2 kitcars are so new in this game that the career leaderboards will not be populated at all yet. Therefore your reference to the cross platform leaderboard is quite meaningless in this debate for this class.
  12. Maxiemwagenaar

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Shameless plug but hey I'm proud 😄
  13. Maxiemwagenaar

    Crashed into an invisible rock during my esports run.

    I don't understand why people are complaining about pacenotes, we're talking about invisible objects here..
  14. Maxiemwagenaar

    Crashed into an invisible rock during my esports run.

    When I opened the thread I already knew what 'rock' you meant. It's not just the one rock even, there are multiple in that location, should really be fixed! Such a shame, not sure if you even saw my name on the esports boards (Rainbow/maxiemwagenaar) but I was always trying to beat you specifically after you one upped me twice in the first two rounds :P Had a bit of a crash in this round but luckily not as impactful as yours :/
  15. Maxiemwagenaar

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Can you give an example of times you are doubting? The winning runs of Joona and Mickey are publicly available on youtube, unsure about the others. I linked my (unlisted on yt) 7:21 during the NZ qualifier (rank 12 on Steam?), couldn't find a better run quickly. I told myself I would not take the minor cut past the rock if I had a clean run but I did not, crashed into a gate, so I took it. Saves less than a second anyway. I ran against the best TT times a few times and they don't cheat honestly, every corner is just taken really well and if you lose 0.1 every corner (which is easy to do) that will really add up. I was able to match their pace for a few sectors but after a while you just make a mistake, lose the rhythm and with that the pace. My run might not really look different than a 7:30 for example, but the corners are just taken slightly more quickly. The same case can be made for the difference between the winning 7:13 and my 7:21. Unless I missed cuts somewhere but who knows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe-XNsN6YqU EDIT://Some footage from the guy who posted the winning run (this might actually be from the qualifier itself). You can see different gear selection at a lot of sections and different cornering styles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip1jtksm2RY