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  1. rgvin

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    https://twitter.com/WilliamsEsports/status/1059417526105526278 #WilliamsEsports drivers get on in a real-life F1 sim.
  2. rgvin

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    If it's so bad of a game. Then why has a F1 esports pro moved to driving a real Formula Renault car. And drove a real GT4 car and placed 3rd. So tell me why it's so bad? The driver from Toro Rosso Esports Cem Bolukbasi. Look him up! And he had only a week in a real car. And came from racing Codemaster F1 game. I look at sim racing by how many get from the sim to a real car. That's what we need to base our review of a sim on. I don't care if it's pc or ps4. Cem Bolukbasi Set To Debut In Formula Renault Eurocup October 4, 2019 He’s one of the most well-known figures in the F1 Esports Pro Series. He’s a rising star in his native Turkey. And now, Cem Bolukbasi is set to add another impressive feat to his increasingly-polished racing career, with a first opportunity to drive a real life single seater… The penultimate round of the 2019 Formula Renault Europcup championship sees the series head to Hockenheim. Over the weekend of October 4-6, the teams and drivers will navigate the historic circuit, which rather fittingly forms part of the next F1 Esports Series live event. So while the Pro Series competitors of 2019 will be practicing on F1 2019, the official F1 game by Codemasters, Bolukbasi will be driving the real thing. BLURRED LINES Formula Renault Europcup has existed, under various names, since 1991. In those (near) three decades, dozens of eventual Formula 1 drivers have cut their teeth in the ultra-competitive discipline. Felipe Massa, Valtteri Bottas, Pierre Gasly and Lando Norris are but a few of the graduates, and now, Bolukbasi further blurs the lines between virtual and reality. It’s far from Bolukbasi’s first venture into real world track driving. Earlier in 2019, he made his debut in the GT4 European Series at Paul Ricard. Weeks later, he added a class podium to his CV in Misano. He’s participated in karting in the past too – but Formula Renault represents his first proper foray into single seaters.