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  1. This race is a couple of weeks ago now, but the desync issue was present for a few people. This was present in both the Qualifying session (18 mins) and the race (50%) Report code - XTSC-MRTP-GBKC-TJVG I'm in the williams and get hit from behind at turn 3 by a mercedes. As seen from my POV and from stream POV. This causes me to lose my wing on the back of the alpha tauri infront On the mercedes POV I'm in a different spot and there is no contatc between us. Stream POV - https://youtu.be/EgTve9v8UAY?t=2386 Mercedes POV - https://youtu.be/3xSKGvnBiEY?t=22 My POV - https:/
  2. Hi fellow racers, Please delete if not allowed. This is more a trouble shooting for myself rather than a bug report as such. I am trying to work out the best solution for hosting league races (using unranked multiplayer lobbies). Is all the information by all drivers sent to the host and then the host determines everyones position on track? or does each driver connect to each other driver in the lobby? In a few recent races we've had de-sync issues where 1 driver cant see another, but to everyone else they are fine. Could this be solved with some ports being opened or similar?
  3. A new qualifying format the is like a full qualifying session. I.e Q1/Q2/Q3, but all session a one shot. This would still allow people to gamble in Q2 and try to get to Q3 on a different compund, but could also add some risk of poeple invalidating their laps. With the current qualifying format options, short quali of 18 minutes usually comes down to that run or the last 5 minutes. A full qualifying session is a bit too long for people to stream.
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