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  1. Lee-CS-35

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Recycled or new, content is content. If they brought over more stuff from the older games I wouldn’t be upset. Hell, have a nostalgia pack from when the game was called TOCA Race Driver (V8 Supercars Australia in my region) 😛
  2. Lee-CS-35

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Your car DOES get dirtier the more you race and crash it, Same as in Racedriver GRID '07. I liked the fact that you could choose which cars to keep clean and others looking like they had just come off the track. Personal preference is all 🙂
  3. Lee-CS-35

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Ok so first off, really love the game! Makes you feel like a Race Driver while still being fun to play. But, there is room for improvement. The following ideas are things that I think will make the game better: - "SERVER BROWSER" in the Multiplayer tab in between the "Quick Match" and "Private Match" tabs. This should allow players to browse, select or host lobbies. - "DAILY OBJECTIVES". Players need a reason to come back to a game and daily objectives like "Finish a TC-2 event" or "Finish a race without taking any damage" give a reason for players to come back to the game and try something different from what they normally do. - "CLUBS" tab in place of the "PlayStation Store"/"Xbox Live" store etc tabs. Players want to game socially and there should be a mechanism for players to do that in-game. With this, there should be an option for players to have a 'clan tag' shown next to their gamer tag. Let players represent their club! The "Store" tabs should be placed on the bottom- left of the main menu screen, opposite the "SELECT" button, and should be mapped to the "Triangle button" (for PlayStation) and "Y" button (for Xbox). - "CAR WASH". It's really cool to see your car get dirtier the more you use and race it, but there are some cars I prefer to be 'clean'. A car wash option in the "Garage" tab in "Player Profile" would be nice. These are the things I would like to see implemented in some way into GRID (2019). Reading through the discussion board everyone seems to have either the same or similar wants to what I have, so fingers crossed someone takes notice!