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  1. 28 minutes ago, kombajnkoszoncy said:

    OK but car wash??? It is not 'DiRT'. Have you ever seen dirty cars during motorsport racing? Besides, surfaces we drive on are asphalt, cobblestone and actually that is it. Does car get dirty when you drive on such surfaces? I don't think so. That is why I don't understand 'wash car' option in 'Racedriver GRID'.

    Your car DOES get dirtier the more you race and crash it, Same as in Racedriver GRID '07. I liked the fact that you could choose which cars to keep clean and others looking like they had just come off the track. Personal preference is all 🙂 

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  2. Ok so first off, really love the game! Makes you feel like a Race Driver while still being fun to play.

    But, there is room for improvement. The following ideas are things that I think will make the game better:

    - "SERVER BROWSER" in the Multiplayer tab in between the "Quick Match" and "Private Match" tabs. This should allow players to browse, select or host lobbies.

    - "DAILY OBJECTIVES". Players need a reason to come back to a game and daily objectives like "Finish a TC-2 event" or "Finish a race without taking any damage" give a reason for       players to come back to the game and try something different from what they normally do. 

    - "CLUBS" tab in place of the "PlayStation Store"/"Xbox Live" store etc tabs. Players want to game socially and there should be a mechanism for players to do that in-game. With       this, there should be an option for players to have a 'clan tag' shown next to their gamer tag. Let players represent their club! The "Store" tabs should be placed on the bottom-     left of the main menu screen, opposite the "SELECT" button, and should be mapped to the "Triangle button" (for PlayStation) and "Y" button (for Xbox).

    - "CAR WASH". It's really cool to see your car get dirtier the more you use and race it, but there are some cars I prefer to be 'clean'. A car wash option in the "Garage" tab in "Player     Profile" would be nice.

    These are the things I would like to see implemented in some way into GRID (2019). Reading through the discussion board everyone seems to have either the same or similar wants to what I have, so fingers crossed someone takes notice!

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