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  1. TheXboxOutlaw

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Any the best way to not get these comments in the first place...Dont disappoint the community.
  2. Its Codemasters game. Why would microsoft know about how you have set up the game??? PC players have a whole list of graphical options. They can set them from low to high. Codemasters must have set those same options for the console versions. I simply would like to know if at 1080p everything is on high? If I contact Microsoft, it will be for a refund. This game says it has online multiplayer. It may well have the option for that, but it doesn't work. If by some miracle it does put me in a lobby, there is only ever a maximum of 5 players in there and the AI ruin the whole experience. You should be a politician Chris, You are unable to give straight answers.
  3. @ChrisGrovesMCM Is there anything you can tell us about how the game runs in 1080p on the Xbox 1X. Can any of the graphical settings be turned up or at 1080p is everything set to maximum? Some of these screen shots people have posted, I have to say they look pretty damn good. Close to realistic. But I dont see that on my screen. Dont get me wrong it does look great, maybe im expecting too much from the Xbox 1X Is it a night and day difference at 4K? I read somewhere the 4k was locked to 30FPS. But digital foundry's video would suggest its 60FPS most of the time.