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  1. Also considering w series in the uk is televised and f3 isn’t...
  2. I hate that also.... I blame the department that I’m not looking to upgrade at the time... Scapegoats
  3. Don’t need to change fuel mix in this years game... race is set to standard now.... most on controllers re-assign right stick... up and down increase/decrease dif... right left brake balance
  4. I am disappointed they didn’t make changes to Spain and Australia... I actually got all the way to Australia first time I played this years game... Driving around the track thinking to myself “I swear they changed the track”. Wasn’t until I started posting on here, I realised that they hadn’t made the changes
  5. I’m on ps5 so possibly different... when ask to select new strategy in mfd.. press your assigned button to bring up voice commands... and use directional buttons to either confirm (right) or keep current (down then right) You get 30 seconds to choose... you should see the counter on the top off your mfd menu Dont select mfd when your on a complex part off track unless your close to pit lane entrance, if your anything like me you’ll crash
  6. My head just exploded.... have you taken into account that they could have used the track from project cars 2. As I’ve seen suggested. Which if they have would cut development time considerably... I have no clue... just putting it out there. Also if they have used project cars 2... Worth mentioning project cars also has Imola
  7. Think your right. Such a long time ago f1ce had some cool features I wish cm would adopt. Not sure it’s a feature people would flashback constantly. I only use flashback when game ai makes mistakes.. or something like my phone rings or my daughter dares to distract me. When it’s my own fault I suck it up
  8. Yes and yes.... believe short season is 16 races as f1 season used to be 16 races long for long long time
  9. Ok that is odd... I’ve played myteam every which way and never seen this. As @WestHam66(good result tonight btw) has said he gets asked who are his rivals by the drivers around him in the standings as do i.
  10. Where are you finishing in races? You must be finishing in the top 6 to be constantly getting those options..
  11. Or is it you use drs in practice? I use neither unless for a specific practice program
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