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  1. Yes this is true. I generally run 16 race seasons and not just transfers but general balance if all different and lacking. Running full seasons improves the overall balance. But be careful what you wish for as transfers are stupid at times. Also first season in my team you will be tempted to simulate some tracks. MONACO. But don’t as it results in high amounts off wear. Your better off doing practice for resource points. Then retiring at the start off a race, Or as I do and cause as big off a stack as possible 🤘😁
  2. Cheers guys think I’ll crash out. It’s starting to irritate me now.
  3. Yes. To extremes. Even adjusted controller settings
  4. Back pain will come from sitting to upright. You need a chair to be leaning back so your chair can support your lower back. Many every day road users make this mistake. You need to be in this position \_ esp for long periods and not L. Trust me I’ve done indepth courses on the subject as part off my actual driver training and refresher courses over 20 years
  5. Hope that’s busy programming PJ race engineer 👍🏻
  6. I only watch F1 on C4. So havnt watched it on sky. But my mate has even said that this season in the eyes off the pundits Max can’t do no wrong. Everything he does is soo amazing.
  7. Is it me? But maxed my team car at USA ridiculously stupid: I’m having to tiptoe through first sector just to get the car turned in and going into the twisty section with positive time over ai and coming out off it over a second slower.
  8. ScaredDuck

    Perez !

    As we pay for icons... yes they should be there itching to drive for our team from day 1 Well at least if we decide to buy the next game Bottas should t be able to terrorise us as bad. But I can see it now. Mid season driver transfers and Mercedes sacks Lewis for Bottas and our nightmare will start over again
  9. Yes I was wondering this to... make sure the triggers work on pc. If not I’d look at cheaper options
  10. I was beginning to think you had abandoned us for😁
  11. No but gameplay are what we ultimately judge a game on. Besides I just wanted an excuse to shoehorn this video on somewhere cause I liked it
  12. Don’t like this post LOVE THIS POST😍 Paul who? Wasnt he ment to be the next Jackie Stewart? Cause he wasn’t even a flash in a pan. Do respect Damon only cause off his second place drive he got in an arrows, which would have been a win except the car had issues in the later laps Coulthard atleast understands team and he was only good enough to be a teammate
  13. It is astounding.. It’s not just that. The ingame content off that game is superior to now... Race commentary. Although in a simplistic form added immersion. A engineer in practice sections that actually helped you setup and understand the settings. Plus little things like when putting you were given a button sequence to tap in. Get it wrong and made pit stops longer. Actual crash damage and ai is better in codies but that’s about it. Two games 15 years apart almost
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