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  1. I must admit i did the story mode in the last few years in fifa. And although you had to make all these tough choices that would shape how your career progress they had no actual relevance to the outcome. Every choice you took ended in the same place. Except a different cutscene. Didnt matter how well you played or not. At the end off the story. You had earned the same cash, got the same sponsor deals. The same skill rating, and have the same rivalry and friends. All the choices you make that are different are things like sacking your agent and making your dad your agent. The result different cutscene. Only choice you Make is when the big clubs buy you is which European league to play in. I have a mental condition that compels me. To play games that give you or appear to give different outcomes over and over until ive done it every which way. Ea obviously only banked on sane people who play through the story once. That said the story i really enjoyed. Was a good story. And as it was a story line where you played the main character rather than norm of you being the character. The writers could the story good depth and you find yourself starting to care what happens. Like in any good film or book. Just annoyed, and angry ea tell you all these choices your given determine his future. Gaming industry/developers as a whole though. Think nothing off the end user except how to exploit for maximum profit. Point im making is a proper career mode and attaching storyline where your choices successes and faliures actually make a real difference. Would be a brilliant inclusion. But that wont happen because it means spending alot off cash writing and coding every possible outcome. And the gaming industry is only interested in in milking the enduser for every thing they can. So the only spend enough on the story so they have just enough to use it to sell more games. Im not a coder. Im just a gamer. But ive been a avid gamer from before atari. Theres hardly a game ive played esp story based games where im not asking myself. Why they didnt include things to give more choice and possible outcomes. Call of duty for instance every year the same storyline and objectives. To complete it you only have to get to the preset checkpoints and you get unlimited goes. Ive got some great ideas on opening up the campaign mode to make the story fluid. But they are the bestseller every year so why spend more expanding the campaign experience when all they have to do every year is tell the same story in a different timeline. Look at last black ops. Didnt even include campaign because less thaan half of people who buy black op finish the campaign. What they should have done. Is looked at how to develop a campaign mode that gives real options with every outcome unclear. At the end off every campaign it finishes with you defeating the bad guy. Black ops 2 attempted something different but by playing one off the tactical maps it was more after thought. I hoped and believed if the put real effort into developing the direction bo2 took. They could have developed a fresh way whilst still keeping faithful to cods dna. Sorry i have gone on about other games. But gaming journalists are increasingly commenting that the gaming industry has run out off idea . So much so this year some devs have released remakes off 90s games. This trillion dollar industry is now run by bean counters whos primary goal is making money for shareholders. Developers whos brains skills and passion for making games we want. Have either been seduced by the money and soldout. Or they now have to answer to a board who have been put their by the shareholders who only care about making more money. And dont even like or care about games. You only have to look and see anything fresh or different is comming from indie devs but with tiny budgets its almost impossible to release a game as polished and advertisement from the big boys.
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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    It may already be in game. Only got it yesterday. But i tthink itwas toca race drivet. Long time ago. But on your journy as arace driver you competed in a various series. If i remember rightly. ( long time ago and sorry for explaining to you a codemasters game. But theres a good chance everyone that worked on the has long left or retired ) . Esp in the beginning off your career you only had to do a invitational race in any given series. But once you had completed a race it dtm for instance. You unlock the full dtm season. Full length Every race. Also British touring car full season. Although i personally prefered when it was all works teams which gave rise to toca 1. But btcc races share codemasters ethos rubbing is racing. But for us who are old enough and love nostalgia tradition etc. Even now when i mentioned to friends i was getting grid. I was looking at blank faces. But when i said its codemasters new game. My non gaming friends said they did toca didnt they. For us old enough Even now still relate codemasters to toca and btcc. Despite youve been developing f1 foryears and in Britain f1 is the most followed motorsport. And despite f1 2019 is head and shoulders above its rivals for its gameplay ai etc. Toca for my generation was huge. Only thing since then to really top it was gran turismo. But everyone i knew would moan cause ramming cars in gran turismo was boring cause they didn't incur damage. Also in btcc at the time tapping your opponents rear quarter panel so hed spin off was within rules as it drew in the spectators. So the devs put it in the game and. Back then you got an actual game manual. Around 50 pages or so. With detailed intructions on how and when to do it. Good ole days when men were stupid. I promise you toca 1 is and has always been my favorite racing game. If i was given the chance to play it now. I wouldn't. I have great memories spending hours perfecting my tapping to cause maximum damage to the ai. I have on a pedistal and i dont want to see how primitive it is to games now.