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  1. I think @BarryBL is Matt black with red go faster stripes and Think @PJTierney is beige😛 Will say Barry’s choice off car is a good one for UK roads.... Fast and nimble enough to be fun without being stupid... Found this out the expensive way when I got B7 RS4( one off the very first in country. I know... but memories off being awesome is all I have)... way way to quick for uk roads especially when you live in southeast. But on track it was a beast What ya mean no batman🤬 age off ultron now
  2. Ok one last real world example... your driving down a road at speed and something happens causing you to brake hard... all the time your wheels are rotating no abs... as soon as your wheels stop rotating whilst your still moving forward.. abs activates... In a car you know this because your brake pedal goes light then stiff over and over until you come to a stop. Your pedal does this because your brakes are being applied in a on off on off way. Missed most off avengers assemble cause off this thread dammit
  3. Also not sure if flat spotting is a thing in the game (as I always use abs) but abs will also prevent that... but doesn’t stop you braking any better or worse. Oh @marioho 😍😂
  4. FCOL I didn’t say it didn’t help I just said it helps you stay on track rather than skid off... 🙄. Do you understand the words that are coming out off my fingers😛
  5. I’m willing to bet real money that fast times set with abs assist didn’t actually activate abs... because abs doesn’t work how you seem to think it does... All abs does for crying out loud is stop your wheels from locking up at the point they would lock up without abs.... It you braking to the point where abs is activated your braking to late and just like when you lock up you will lose time.. all abs does is give you a get out off jail free card and give you a better chance off staying in track..., Before accusing players achieving fast time trial times off basically cheating. Understand wha
  6. Driven.... now that’s an awesome true to life F1 movie 😂
  7. Imola was in project cars 1 so would assume they have just carried it over... thereby it being out off date
  8. Like I said in my previous post ABS isn’t activated every time you apply the brakes... it’s only activated once the wheels start to lock... and like I said I use abs but I hardly ever brake to the point off locking my wheels thus I don’t activate it... so that said even with abs on it doesn’t mean you actually use it.... Well that’s in real life maybe it’s different in game but I’m not so sure it is
  9. Bahrain a slow track? Of course your ridiculously slow at Monaco first season my team.... it’s a ridiculous track that I miss out. Cause I’m rubbish at it. And what’s different between changing the difficulty on loading screen compared to the start off each session like now
  10. Like @Meza994post Seriously Admire the effort. Really like the key personnel option @BarryBL Football chant sign him up for codies
  11. I’m lost think I’ve already replied not so sure... I always have and always will use abs... so I should just hard brake off turn bang the apex and floor it again... But I don’t abs or not both in real world and in games I brake off brake then brake off then turn and bang apex (roundabouts are awesome) and floor it.... This is how i was taught many many years ago.... in actual fact with abs on both in real life and in games I can count on my hand the amount off times I’ve activated abs
  12. Glad you sorted it.... generally is something silly and easy to fix when you find the issue
  13. You are overlooking something.. it you were using a pad it’s just a matter off bringing up your mfd then cycling through the menu until you get to pit options. Pressing down twice on d pad and right twice... I can even do it by memory. Sorry I can’t help much when it comes to wheels
  14. @BarryBL😛😁 A detailed description of the issue. In my team if your team mate is within a second or so off you and your due in to pit... teammate does aswell always resulting in double stack. Report Code Platform? ps5 Game-mode? my team [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. na [ONLINE] Were you the host? na [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. na What troubleshoot
  15. Suppose they could also import the pc ai aswell....... noooooo I am the reason project cars is now Codemasters 😁 My very first post on here on the grid forum in 2019 was a drunken rant about project cars before Codemasters swept in... 🙄 it was that drunken I refuse to read it again as I think I embarrassed myself quite abit
  16. After any big updates in any game... I normally start over... I often find a big update unbalances, upsets saved game data
  17. Main thing I’d like is that when your pit stop is due and you teammate is a second behind you... that he stays out for another lap and doesn’t double stack...
  18. Also considering w series in the uk is televised and f3 isn’t...
  19. I hate that also.... I blame the department that I’m not looking to upgrade at the time... Scapegoats
  20. Don’t need to change fuel mix in this years game... race is set to standard now.... most on controllers re-assign right stick... up and down increase/decrease dif... right left brake balance
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