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  1. Terencius

    Hi everyone

    Hi to all. My name is Daniel and for a week I have been trying my strength with f1 2018 and I fell in love with this game. I don't have much experience with racing games, but I've always had a talent for it. When I was young I didn't even have a good enough gaming computer - but when I played at my friends' homes I won almost always. Until now I have only played Test Drive 5, Destruction Derby 2, Deathcarz, NFS Underground, Rocket League (Rocket League is not a racing game, RL is a combination of racing, Destruction Derby and football), Wipeout 2 and Sonic Team Racing. I am beginner, I came here to gain knowledge. After that, I like to play MMO games and I'm interested in history (in the broad sense). Nice to join
  2. Terencius


    This is bothersome especially for beginners. Apparently when you have good skills. I'm a beginner myself, I'm not sure if this has something to do with injectors at a later stage. I plan to improve my skill