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  1. I've been having this problem on and off.. Thinking it was still the USB issue.. well it isn't.. What it is, is turn Low Latency mode off!! (not on or ultra) Turn it off, and your stutters will be gone.. Codemasters suggests turning it to on, which is the same as 1 pre rendered frame.. but this causes the frame time stutters.. Played around with this all day.. Game mode dosn't matter, on or off i also turned on the new setting for hardware GPU Scheduling in windows.. not sure if this made a difference.. turned crowds to low. shadows to high ambient occlusion to off (both of them) every thing else maxed out.. But the main cause of the stutter was the low latency mode being on
  2. I just got it working.. Go in to the control settings of F1-2020 and on the last tab, make sure trigger rumble is set to ON and not Auto. works both in DX11 and DX12.. i think it feels better in DX11, there is a difference in feel. DX12 seems to be quite a bit more powerful using the main rumble motors, but you still feel the triggers kick in. Only problem there is i feel DX11 there are more stutters (graphically) then DX12.. Hope this helps.. I'm using wireless dongle. not Bluetooth (never Bluetooth)
  3. Have they done away with the trigger rumble on the xbox one controllers? im only getting rumble from the main left and right motors in the controller handles.. Nothing from the triggers.. I know F1 2019 I do.
  4. Rdalcroft

    Fix Positional Audio

    When are you guys going to fix the awful audio in this game. Especially the in car sounds, ie, from cockpit view. The engine sounds as if its sitting on the back seat!!! the clipping of certain sounds, the noise of the gear changes, the exhaust pops, all way too over exaggerated. I mean have you at codemasters actually put a pair of headphones on and tried your Atmos settings, with the Atmos app?????? you tell me if it all sounds normal???? cause it don't. I'm sick of coming back to this game every time I see an update, and I think maybe this time the stutters will be gone, maybe they will have fixed the audio, and after hours of tweaking, with no real results, i will not attempt to play it again till the next patch... so ****** I paid full price for this ****... you do so well at the dirt games, but this..... your DX12 optimisation of this game is very poor, the least you could do is give us the option to go onto DX11.. never have i seen a DX12 game only use 45% of my CPU, thus limiting my GPU usage, hence lowering my frame rate. DX12 should be using my CPU well into its 80's like all other DX12 games. but something is holding this game back. very frustrating to see both CPU and GPU hovering at around 40% usage..
  5. Rdalcroft

    Mini's Handling??

    Have you ever drove a Mini. they turn corners like go karts... Why do they not even turn in this game???? they are terrible. And forget using the handbrake, as for some reason it will get you round so far the flip you in the complete opposite direction, straight in to the barrier... getting sick of the AI's terrific blocking technique, they seem to know exactly where you are going to go, every car you try to over take, they seem to magically know every move you are going to do. now yes one or 2 cars may be prone to blocking you in a race. but not every god damn car in the race, tone it down Codemasters!!!!
  6. feels a lot smoother, the odd corner stutter sometimes, but no way near as bad. Right trigger rumble is not kicking in, which I miss.. the left rumble works for braking...
  7. Rdalcroft

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    I hear it, and now it sounds pretty close to the game. so I think it shouldn't annoy me as much now I know what its is.. Thanks for the lesson.. lol
  8. Rdalcroft

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    ok thanks, just chose a different car then, I suppose... thanks again..
  9. Rdalcroft

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    ok thanks for the info.. cheers
  10. Rdalcroft

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    oh is it.. sounds terrible, is there anyway to disable that?
  11. Rdalcroft

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    https://youtu.be/g_F6ysD1VdQ at 43 seconds you can hear it.. give it time to upload though
  12. Rdalcroft

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    I can try to record. But the DRS sound is totally different than this. This sounds like wind in a microphone. Like someone is blowing in to it. doisnt happen on the replay though when you watch it back im sure. ill try to do a recording hopefully it captures it..
  13. Static or wind noise when accelerating What the hell is that noise when accelerating?? its like someone blowing in to the microphone. its very annoying, and shouldn't be there. is this a bug???
  14. Rdalcroft

    So bad!!

    4th Gear at 100mph. Press accelerator, wheel spin????? had it with this game. stutter heaven, driving on glass physics, damage looks terrible, whole game needs a re-write.
  15. There seems to be a lot of audio clipping happening in this game. Volume levels seem un-balanced and you only have one slider for effects?? Can we not have individual volume sliders, road noise, engine, environment, ect And I have only just realised, there are 3 different people talking to you over the headset, but for some reason you have your team mate and the female voice moving all through the sound field, left channel, right channel, far away then close up??? this is all drowned out by the engine noise and road noise, I had to turn effects volume down to 5 to actually hear them. These voices should be mono, in either the left or right ear, coming from a fixed point. I thought I was hearing ghost voices for a long time lol, till I turned the effects volume down. Needs fixing. right now the noise from inside the car drowns out the engine and road noise. Audio clipping happening each time the commentator speaks, high revs, crashes, it would be nice to balance the whole audio to our liking, Atmos is great, but the levels are all wrong