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  1. I've been having this problem on and off.. Thinking it was still the USB issue.. well it isn't.. What it is, is turn Low Latency mode off!! (not on or ultra) Turn it off, and your stutters will be gone.. Codemasters suggests turning it to on, which is the same as 1 pre rendered frame.. but this causes the frame time stutters.. Played around with this all day.. Game mode dosn't matter, on or off i also turned on the new setting for hardware GPU Scheduling in windows.. not sure if this made a difference.. turned crowds to low. shadows to high ambient occlusion to off (both of them) every thing else maxed out.. But the main cause of the stutter was the low latency mode being on
  2. I just got it working.. Go in to the control settings of F1-2020 and on the last tab, make sure trigger rumble is set to ON and not Auto. works both in DX11 and DX12.. i think it feels better in DX11, there is a difference in feel. DX12 seems to be quite a bit more powerful using the main rumble motors, but you still feel the triggers kick in. Only problem there is i feel DX11 there are more stutters (graphically) then DX12.. Hope this helps.. I'm using wireless dongle. not Bluetooth (never Bluetooth)
  3. Have they done away with the trigger rumble on the xbox one controllers? im only getting rumble from the main left and right motors in the controller handles.. Nothing from the triggers.. I know F1 2019 I do.
  4. Rdalcroft

    Fix Positional Audio

    When are you guys going to fix the awful audio in this game. Especially the in car sounds, ie, from cockpit view. The engine sounds as if its sitting on the back seat!!! the clipping of certain sounds, the noise of the gear changes, the exhaust pops, all way too over exaggerated. I mean have you at codemasters actually put a pair of headphones on and tried your Atmos settings, with the Atmos app?????? you tell me if it all sounds normal???? cause it don't. I'm sick of coming back to this game every time I see an update, and I think maybe this time the stutters will be gone, maybe they will have fixed the audio, and after hours of tweaking, with no real results, i will not attempt to play it again till the next patch... so ****** I paid full price for this ****... you do so well at the dirt games, but this..... your DX12 optimisation of this game is very poor, the least you could do is give us the option to go onto DX11.. never have i seen a DX12 game only use 45% of my CPU, thus limiting my GPU usage, hence lowering my frame rate. DX12 should be using my CPU well into its 80's like all other DX12 games. but something is holding this game back. very frustrating to see both CPU and GPU hovering at around 40% usage..
  5. Hello Turning off Ambient Occlusion, helps for now. Untill they patch it
  6. Rdalcroft

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    The impulse triggers are working on pc.. Just the brake one feels weak, but it is there on both accelerator and brake