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  1. I'm a first time poster, long time reader, and Dirt Rally 2.0 is my most played game for the year ‚Äď I absolutely love it ūüėÉ I‚Äôve been thinking about what I want from the next game and I reckon Codemasters should focus on more unique kilometres per location and increased stage length. I would love: Next gen game engine that can support stages 30+ kms long 3 times as many unique kms per location (roughly 60 kms each) A single game that is expanded over 3-4 years (the seasons for DR 2.0 have kept me coming back all year) The biggest issue I have with the DR games (and S√©bastien Loeb Rally Evo / WRC 8) is the lack of stages per location, there‚Äôs far too much repetition to feel like a real rally event. Ideally Dirt Rally 3 should include all 290 odd kms that are already in DR 2.0 and add another 40 kms per location. DR 3 should include all the current locations from DR 2.0 and add 2 new locations to give us 14 total events (Kenya and France are my picks). So let's talk stages. I love that the current stages are based in reality, and using Rally-Maps.com for inspiration, here‚Äôs some ideas for DR 3... *Note - I didn't identify the real world locations, kudos to the Dirt sleuths here, here and here. Stages highlighted in red include DR2.0 locations. Dirt Rally 3 - Launch Content Monte Carlo - 60.5 kms La Boll√©ne V√©subie - Moulinet Clumanc - Lambruisse Sospel - Breil Sur Roya Sweden - 59.37 kms Varg√•sen Torsby Fredriskberg Argentina - 60.2 kms Copina - El C√≥ndor Amboy - Yacanto Tanti - Mataderos Wales - 60.96 kms Hafren Sweet Lamb Maesnant Clocaenog Main Brenig USA - 61.52 kms North Fork Pass & Beaver Creek Trail Dayton Cougar - Windy Total Launch kms: 302.55 Dirt Rally 3 - Phase 2 Content (12/18 months after Launch) New Zealand - 60.19 kms Whaanga Coast Mititai Burnside - Wech Access Germany - 60 kms Panzerplatte Long (cut down to DR2.0 section - 23 kms) Mittelmosel Sauertal Poland - 59.78 kms Stare Juchy Baranowo Orzysz Kruklanki Finland - 58.16 Ouninpohja Horkka Oittila France - 59.73 kms Valinco D√©sert des Agriates Calvi Total Phase 2 kms: 297.86 Dirt Rally 3 - Phase 3 Content (12/18 months after Phase 2) Greece - 60.61 kms Ghymno (actual DR2.0 stages are 19 odd kms) Pissia Loutraki Spain - 59.09 kms La Figuera Bot Guiamets Porrera Duesaig√ľes Australia - 60.8 kms Welshs Creek Newry Wedding Bells Kenya - 80.12 kms Soysambu Malewa Loldia Kedong Total Phase 3 kms: 260.62 Overall Total kms: 861.03 So... that's plenty from me ūü§£ what's on your wish list for Dirt Rally 3?