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  1. RUF is an independent manufacturer not a fake name to avoid paying fees, they still have to pay licensing fees to RUF to have their cars in the game.
  2. FlanjeUK

    [Grid] A Wheely Good Time achievement/trophy

    Well done, it just takes a bit of perseverance 🙂
  3. FlanjeUK

    [Grid] A Wheely Good Time achievement/trophy

    Just keep trying lap after lap to go faster it only took me a couple of tries with no assists manual gears and no tuning.
  4. Not in Quick Match but you can do whatever you want in Private games
  5. FlanjeUK

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    This isn't how it works unfortunately. If GRID 2019 doesn't work then it's game over, there won't be a GRID5... Did you see what happened with Onrush?
  6. Please don't change the handling model it's the perfect mix of sim and arcade as it is