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    Myteam career question

    I have a question about the myteam career mode I have just completed my career on f1 2018 (it took me 18 months as I was doing full races!). So after early sackings at Renault and McLaren, in season 3 I went to Williams. I developed them into the top team by season 6 taking a single win that season. With the car maxed out during season 7 the car slipped back down the order to last as I couldn’t upgrade the car anymore and no regulation change coming for season 8. So I was forced to move on from Williams to be competitive, joined Mercedes and won another 8 races in season 8 and 9 but no championship, then a last hurrah at Ferrari for season 10 saw no further wins but I did help Vettel win his 5th championship in game…. Which leads me to my question. I myteam I am assuming you cant move to another team. So once you ‘max’ out your car you may have the best car but then will be overtaken and slip to the bottom for the last 3 or 4 seasons, as the base rating of your team must be the lowest. There will be nothing you can do about it and you cant move to a competitive team, unless you get a regulation change but that will only give you a boost at the start of a season. Makes me wonder whether to start a myteam career or not (especially as it takes my so long to play a career!) – not sure I want to reach a later season and stuck in a uncompetitive car…. Has this occurred to anyonelse or am I wrong here?
  2. nige05uk

    The Worst Formula 1 game you played

    The Grand Prix series always set the bar for me in the early days....grand prix 2 was just way ahead of its time, and the hours I spent playing on that.... So all other f1 games around that time just looked amateur in comparison - one of the worst I remember was Power F1 around 1997. The other PS games F11996,1997, 1998 etc were pretty bad in comparison again to GP2 which was about 5 years older (although they did have Murray Walker so that saved it sort of!). The wii F2009 game also left a lot be desired - full distance races the AI just slowed down and you would win by a lap, graphics awful but did enjoy using the wii wheel. People do moan about the current batch of F1 games from codies and yes they have their flaws but when you look back on some of the offering we used to have we are a bit spoilt now....
  3. nige05uk

    AI simulated times

    From what I have seen in my career, if you dont make Q3 the simulated session ends up being as if the cars are reset to their starting level. So even the times shown are back to the base season 1 starting times (I think in Singapore (i never make Q3 there) in my season 7 so cars are almost fully upgraded) for example the pole time simulated was 1m40 but in the race the fastest lap was 1m36. This means I have had a lot of poles for Mercedes but they drop down the pack as as some points in career they had the second worst car. It is a shame that simulated qualifying session dont reflect the current R&D - it seems like an overlooked thing in the game that they havent really fixed.
  4. nige05uk

    Rep question

    I think failing a practice program will lose you rep. Did you get an interview after the session - bad answers could hit your rep.
  5. It would be great if this could be done, maybe a season from each decade. But doubt they would ever get all the licences and rights to do it. If I had to choose just one it would be 1991 Senna in a Mclaren Mansell in a Williams Prost in a Ferrari Piquet and Schumacher in the Benetton The season the Geoff Crammond F1GP game was based on and what a great game that was....
  6. nige05uk

    Career mode - sudden loss of reputation

    Yes reputation plummets when giving bad interview answers best to do a no comment. You need your keep your reputation up otherwise you can get the sack (happened to me a couple of times). strange yours went down after practice sessions. Are your objectives set very high, not meeting them kills your rep
  7. nige05uk

    R&D Regulation Changes Question

    If i started over that is probably what I would do, but on season 5 now and am only about 3 parts short of a maxed out car.. Got sacked twice early in career as reputation got hammered due to poor results (compared to expected positions), and had set the goals too high not realising the impact that had on reputation and the risk of getting sacked. At start of season 3 went to Williams set the goals low, made a lot of no comments to questions (upsetting the interviwer but losing no rep) and have got max reputation and have upgraded the car from last to 2nd. Now at a cusp at the end of season 5, i figure if I can save all my upgrades, I may have the best car for a while at least at the start of season 6, hence wondering if there is an end of season resource points bonus - I am on the last race and need about £2k points to save the last few parts. Here's hoping.....
  8. I have just had a regulation change for the following season and have 6 weeks to convert my parts Question I have is that do you have to convert the early parts of the tree first for those parts to work in the following season. I would like to save my ultimate upgrades first and then my majors then minors. But if I cant save them all by the end of the 6 weeks will my ultimates still be saved even if i havent save the majors and minors that are before that in the tree (I had to purchase those minors before getting to the ultimate upgrade in the first place) Hope that makes sense - I just dont want to save the ultimate upgrades and then find they dont work in the next season and have to purchase again...
  9. nige05uk

    R&D Regulation Changes Question

    Thanks jrod another question - do you get a resource points bonus at the end of the season - if so how much? Not going to be able to save all my parts unless I get a boost of points at the end of the season
  10. nige05uk

    R&D Regulation Changes Question

    Thanks jrod thats waht i thought, so guess save the ultimates first is the best tactic