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  1. Am I the only one who has this problem? By brake sounds I mean the sound the surface makes when braking hard on gravel. It's mostly noticeable when doing a hard brake from high speed. The surface sound is not very loud but it's obvious when it disappears while downshifting or if you stall the engine by braking too hard with high brake force settings. I can't even tell if the car is still braking or if it's just rolling along in neutral... Very annoying. Also on a related topic, people mention that turning off ABS is the way to go. Why is that? If I lock up the wheels by braking too hard the engine will cut off. It usually doesn't happen if the brake force is left at default but what's the point of not using ABS if locking the wheels is undesirable anyway. Or should I in fact be using the clutch while braking hard? Turning ABS on and upping the brake force isn't a good option either it seems, for me it just causes the ABS to use the brakes too sparingly, that default brake force with no ABS always seems best, so strange.
  2. The brakes or at least the surface sound of braking on gravel cuts off when clutching or when the engine cuts off. If you put braking force into max on tuning, the engine will easily cut off but also the sound of braking which is super confusing. Am I still braking? Or gliding on ice? I thought you wanted the brakes to lock in rally cars but in this game locking the brakes too hard will stop the braking or at least the sound. I don't think this is how physics work on gravel.
  3. I just tried soft lock on vs off and setting rotation to 720 degrees in drivers for the BMW M3 and the difference is huge. Codemasters, plz fix...
  4. ViperTheRapper

    Option to remove tarmac events from championship

    No we are not implying the laws of physics change depending on the location, if that's what you mean, (although the gravitation is slightly different in different locations of the world😛) but the handling on tarmac is not realistic due to the simulation of physics on tarmac (friction, force etc), but this is just semantics. They might use different physics simulation for Germany and Spain even though they are both tarmac. I guess the reason why people complain about it is that the gravel/snow/ice is so well done that we assume the tarmac should be held to the same standard. I'm particularly impressed with ice patches in Monte Carlo!
  5. It would be nice to see the degrees of rotation used for each car in the car selection menu so we don't need to go searching on the internet for it. Just to clarify I'm talking about the degrees of rotation used when playing with a wheel with soft lock enabled. Also I'd like to ask if anyone knows if setting the rotation to a lower value in your wheel driver settings instead of using soft-lock gives you better ffb? I've heard rumors about that but it might be something that was fixed in earlier patches.
  6. ViperTheRapper

    Tire Choice

    Don't know if it has been changed but as far as I remember the tire wear visualized in the tire selection during service stops seems to be the same for soft and medium. I feel like there's a difference in grip level for soft vs medium after longer stages at least when the second stage is wet, but honestly it's so vague it might be my imagination. I have never used anything other than soft, and I can't think of any reason at all to ever use hard. Still, medium tires are always highlighted as recommended for some reason, maybe I should try them out and see if my times improve, hmm...
  7. ViperTheRapper

    Why water physics was cut off from DIRT series?

    There must have been improvements since DR1 bc using the same driving style in DR2.0 Wales caused me to spin the car around in the water. In New England I had no problems with the puddles, maybe they are more shallow, or higher speed. The puddle at the end of Sweet Lamb is particularly dangerous if I'm not careful.
  8. Can we get an option to opt out of tarmac events in career mode? The tarmac physics are infuriating if you have a mindset to drive like in a tarmac racing simulator. The AI on master difficulty also seems to be balanced around assuming that the player slides through the stages as if they were "grippy gravel" and videos of world record runs on these stages seem to have this driving style. I don't know if you have any plans on adjusting the tarmac physics, but as it is know I'd rather have a championship without Spain and Germany (got the DLC, now I'm stuck with the possibility of 2 tarmac only events in my championship) and just enjoy the fun and authentic feel of gravel, snow (or mixed) stages, as an option at least. Custom championships are great and all but the main draw of the single player game, for me at least, is the career mode.