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  1. colscharles

    Grid 2019 PS4 Corrupted Data Situation

    Hi Mic85953899, Unfortunately, yes. I doubt Codemasters will respond with a solution to your issue. I hope I'm wrong but I posted my issue on 10/24/19 and on 11/1/19 Codemasters responded with: "Thank you for this information - super useful which will help us with identifying the cause of the issue here. Crashes on platforms (and in some instances, corrupted data because of this) is a priority topic right now and I'm working with the team to find out more info" Which was a polite nice response but had no solution. And I never received a solution either. I wish I had better news for your situation but I don't.
  2. colscharles

    Grid 2019 PS4 Corrupted Data Situation

    Hi Moonmonkeyz1987, Unfortunately, Codemasters never responded with a fix for my situation and that was extremely disappointing. So I had to delete Grid 2019 from my PS4, deleted my save game data from the PS4 and the cloud, and load it up again. I avoided the Tuner series completely until I had completed everything else. Then I played the Tuner series and was lucky enough to finish it. Unfortunately, I know this won't help you with your corrupted data situation with the Stock series but it was how I continued. I hope Codemasters responds with a fix so that you are able to continue. If they don't, my only advice would be to delete Grid 2019 from your system and also delete your save game data from your system and the cloud and try it again. Good luck!!
  3. colscharles

    Grid 2019 PS4 Corrupted Data Situation

    Hi Codemasters Technical Support: Unfortunately, I haven't been contacted by anybody from Codemasters to tell me how to fix my Grid 2019 corrupted data situation so I can continue playing the game. What is the solution to this problem?
  4. Hello, I am a longtime fan of Codemaster games going back to TOCA Race Driver 2. I am repeatedly experiencing a corrupted Data situation when playing Grid 2019 on my PS4 Pro. Please let me know how this can be fixed. I want to continue playing the game but cannot with my current situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A summary of my situation is as follows. A short description of the problem: Over 4 times I have received a fatal corrupted application error for Grid 2019 on my PS4. Platform you’re on: PS4 Pro Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): Version 1.04 Game Mode: Single Player Career Mode What happened in the lead-up to the problem? The error typically happens after I have completed a 2 race racing series. It hasn't occurred yet after just 1 race in a series If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: "Cannot continue using the application. The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4, and then insert the disc again." Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc.): Thrustmaster T300 Racing Wheel with pedals.