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  1. maxim650

    Xbox league wanted

    Hi all looking for an Xbox league..I’m not much good any considered ..
  2. maxim650

    Logitech g920

    Try turning up wheel damping and on track feedback I had a Logitech wheel I just couldn’t get along with it..I sold it and bought a thrustmaster wheel it’s loads better.
  3. maxim650

    Logitech g920

    If it’s under steering go into the setting force feedback and there’s a setting where u can turn understeer off.
  4. maxim650

    Loadcell pedals

    Hi, do loadcell pedals work on a Xbox one ? Looking at upgrading my thrustmaster t3pa pedals to the new thrustmaster loadcell ones are the just plug and play as n plug as in direct swap. cheers
  5. maxim650

    [Xbox] - Wheel settings disappeared

    Have you tried resetting the usb on the Xbox ? On the thrustmaster site it explains how to do it
  6. maxim650

    Handling in 2019

    I find the handling good actually. What you playing it on
  7. maxim650

    Handling in 2019

    Have you turned of understeer in the settings
  8. maxim650

    Saturday F1 Xbox league

    Hi all if anybody is interested in a good and challenging there’s a choice of 2 Saturday F1 🏎 league uk. Clean drivers only if interested drop a line or two . Saturdays 7.30 pm 🇬🇧 time also have a league fridays 7.30 briefings at 7.15 and lobby opens at 7pm uk 🇬🇧 time cheers all happy racing
  9. maxim650

    F1 2019 calibration screen

    Hummm strange there’s nothing held down ...cheers
  10. Hi can anybody tell me what the number 4 means in the calibration screen never had it there before
  11. maxim650

    Logitech g920

    Hi all getting sick of this damn steering wheel now.. my problem is doesn’t matter how I set the wheel up I’m struggling going round corners I can hit the corner same speed and sometimes I have to turn the steering wheel a lot more to get round the corner other times I don’t need to turn it as much. example on f1 2019 azerbaijan track a corner suggest gear is 2nd which I’m in and doesn’t matter what speed or angle or if I corner cut I hit the wall. The only way I can get round the corner is to crawl round it which means losing loads of speed and losing loads of time. Is it the steering wheel, me or combination of both. was thinking in buying another wheel ie Thrustmaster or Fanatec setup or will I have the same problem .. cheers for any feed back or advice
  12. maxim650

    Grid ultimate

    Was just wondering why the Xbox grid ultimate is between 50 and 75 quid but PlayStation are selling it for like 25 quid ... am I missing something is he Xbox version more superior or just most people have a Xbox so it’s rip of Xbox players..
  13. maxim650

    Xbox One F1 Leagues

    Apex racing for Xbox https://discord.gg/6jbA2Ug
  14. maxim650

    Logitech g920 brake mod

    Hi all, what’s the best mod for the brake pedal on the Logitech g920 coz it’s so stiff and braking a bit poo as standard. or would it be just easier using the clutch as a brake .. cheers