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  1. Hi just been and checked it again I uninstalled the icon pack and reinstalled it and it’s there now must of just been a bad install or something. thank you for the quick reply .
  2. VRR ? It is in quality mode. Does the in game settings take priority over wheel settings ?.
  3. I can’t select the icons in my team I’ve bought the deluxe version on pc and Xbox and I can’t select the icons on either game. Everything else is there but not the legends icons only f2 drivers.
  4. Ok been messing with the settings on the Xbox and my wheel. The problem seems to be due to the force feedback. I’ve got my wheel force feed back to 60 and I game set to 20 which isn’t ideal but I can get wheel rotation down to 360 anything lower than this you will need to alter force feedback. this isn’t ideal but it kinda make the game playable just. if anybody else can get any better feeling and more playable setting please share so other people can try and use them. so codemaster look at the force feedback setting in your code and let’s see if we can get it sorted.
  5. Yes I’m thinking in going back to assetto corsa because this version of F1 is totally rubbish at the moment
  6. This isn’t bug this game is totally unplayable for me ..
  7. Yeah I’ve got a suggestion don’t release any f1 games again. Every year they getting worse more bugs 🐜 and price going higher for a faulty product if this was a washing machine you would either be reported to trading standards or all would be returned for a refund. In the current form the game is not fit for purpose ? im one of them that normally never complain but codemasters this game is so dire and unplayable it’s hard to believe a game can be so bad. That’s just my opinion
  8. ive got the deluxe version on steam but i dont have the deluxe dlc it says buy it plus i dont have the icon pack either cant find it anywhere not in my team. I also have it on series x and its not there either...
  9. well update. my wheel has never worked on this game in xbox not on beta or full version all i can say what a total waste of money the game is. i wouldn't recommend it to anybody in the state is now. i feel codemasters should be paying use to play such poor game. everybody who has this game in the leagues I'm in have the same problem the wheels don't work properly. come on code masters uses the control settings from 2020..
  10. Xbox series x, monitor and quality mode ..tried it with wheel 800 rotation and it’s hit and miss .. this was raced in beta mode and they not done anything. Plus strange how some can play with 360 wheel and 360 in game and works good but for others it’s horrendous?
  11. Yes I can’t go any lower than 2250 on wheel and tried auto and it tries ripping your arms off. In game I’ve tried 360 ,270, 290, still feels like a bus on slow corners. I’m sure it will get sorted. Can’t understand why can’t they use the control part from 2020 I’m sure coding won’t be different.
  12. I can’t set my wheel to 2250 as this still tries to remove my arms. The f2 cars do feel very heavy. It’s the rotation I’m bothered about it’s like driving a bus. The pc it works perfect.. but the leagues I’m in are on Xbox so that’s my league racing gone to pot till it’s sorted..
  13. Cheers I will try tomorrow. I had it in beta to I reported it but it’s carried across to full game. On the pc it perfect just Xbox.
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