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  1. maxim650

    Logitech g920 brake mod

    Hi all, what’s the best mod for the brake pedal on the Logitech g920 coz it’s so stiff and braking a bit poo as standard. or would it be just easier using the clutch as a brake .. cheers
  2. maxim650

    CSR League racing sign up 7 DAYS LEFT!

    Yeah I’m up for it
  3. maxim650

    Is anybody playing this online????

    That’s strange. I’ve never had any trouble. Contact an admin and see what they say...that’s very strange
  4. maxim650

    CSR League racing sign up 7 DAYS LEFT!

    I might be interested .? What’s assist , race distance , etc.
  5. maxim650


    Thanks it wasn’t done when I asked again .
  6. maxim650


    Hello any admins on here capable to move my league on twice before Sunday please cheers
  7. maxim650


    @BarryBL no it hasn’t. Is it a fault that it gets stuck coz nobody was there to login ? thought it ran weather you was there or not ? @BarryBL it will need moving on twice now and please can you sort it out for this Sunday. regards
  8. maxim650


    @BarryBL @1512marcel Hi I seem to be having trouble with my league it’s called Sunday league and owner is maxim650 I wasn’t able to talk part and nobody else had taken part so the league is stuck on open can you move it onto the next race ? this must be a problem with the server if nobody takes part in the race it stays open and you can’t do nothing with the league. cheers vince
  9. maxim650

    Sunday league

    No I don’t at the moment !
  10. maxim650

    Sunday league

    Xbox one and game f1 the league is called Sunday league ! It’s open for anybody to join.
  11. maxim650

    F1 mobile

    Got to say like the game just to many cheats that ram you ..race clean far better
  12. maxim650

    Sunday league

    Hi all I’ve started a new league it’s called Sunday league starts at 7.30 uk time has a 30 min practice and one shot qual with 25% race there’s 15 races in all. check it out join if you like cheers
  13. maxim650

    F1 2019 League Calendar Not Updating

    I’ve had this happen in the end I asked them to delete the league. I think it happens when the league starts and no members are there to enter the race. Obviously a bug.
  14. maxim650

    Error Code 1008:H Master Thread

    Have you tried re-installing the game ? check that it’s updated too ?
  15. maxim650


    @BarryBL thank you very much