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  1. FIA Formula 3 Porsche Supercup FIA F3 and Porsche Supercup are the de facto F1 support races that must be featured. I would love to see F3 and PSC stock car featured in F1 2020 game and playable. If Porsche Supercup featured in F1 2020 game, the NASCAR-style cockpit view in F1 2020 game will be featured for the first time ever. Your opinions?
  2. In MotoGP 19 game has also featured MotoE and RB Rookies Cup while in NASCAR Heat has also Xfinity, Truck and Dirts
  3. F4 too many. Only F1, F2, F3 and PSC enough must be featured in the F1 2020 game (like NASCAR Heat has only four tournaments)
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    Hi my name is Therius Oktavario, the motorsport gaming maniac form Indonesia.