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  1. Today came a GHUB update 2021.1.1363 In the notes for that update it is written that they fixed the bug with disappearing FFB when the steering wheel comes out of the "sleep mode". I haven't try new update with DR2.0 yet. And anyway I didn't have any issues with my G29 before. Bot for those of you who had, it may be a fix. Update your GHUB.
  2. It could also be some sort of fishing. Making a fake header and sender information nowadays is very easy. I advice you to change your Steam password (or whatever you used to log-in) ASAP. Modern internet is not a safe place. Be Safe!
  3. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Renault Sport Clio R.S. S1600 driver pants are visible through the seat.
  4. "ctrl+f" 121 times for all pages is not a good option. Asking web-developer to add "find myself" bottom like in game is the right way to go. The game should get better! 😉
  5. @PJTierney Is it possible to ask the team to add "Find myself" bottom to web-view of the club on Racenet Club page? I tried to see my standing, but browsing through 11000 people is impossible.
  6. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Subaru WRX STI Rallycross black number on the dark window is almost invisible.
  7. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition 1st Bug Yesterday 2020/04/17, USA Daily, windshield wipers suddenly stopped while the car was running on a heavy rain stage exactly in front of the series of hairpins. The car had no damage before the event. I use dashcam view, and for me such "unexpected moment" normally means DNF at once. This looks not very fair comparing to people using external cameras. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce it in replay. But in fact I had to almost stop to play around with wipers switch to make them work again. P.S. Accidental hit of wipers switch
  8. Just buy DR2.0: GOTY edition and you will not be not limited any more. Why limit yourself with choice? But I agree, if the option was made like in Dirt 4 - loaner cars & teams if you don't have the money to buy the one you need at a price of % from your winning money or drive you own car for full prize.
  9. I would not argue about physics, as now I am no sure if it have any relation to reality at all, though I will admit that in DR2.0 dry gravel stages really feel much better then in any previous Dirt game. And great thanks for CM for Monte Carlo. This is a really great job! 👍 Smoky Finland and slippery wet roads - not so much. 👎 I played every Dirt since CMR: Dirt 2, so here are the things I am missing: Dirt 2 Atmosphere of motor sport holiday. Fireworks at finish for stage winner. Dialogs and competition with famous racers. Menu like a camper trailer. Yes, after a c
  10. Yes, I have seen his answer. As I mentioned in another thread, the problem is not only with new cars, but with all cars in Heavy Rain Wet conditions are too slidy in the rear. Here are the videos of Ford Mustang and MG Metro, that have been in the game since day one, having very similar problems. Yes, GTR Technical setups help to make cars much more enjoyable, but could you please do a better default setups. I remember the same problem existed in Dirt4, and the only solution to make a car more controllable on breaking was turning on ABS to 4-5. Also, the AI thread for rainy weather b
  11. Codemaster, please tell me how do I suppose to drive this? This is today's AI daily challenge. AI was more than a minute faster flatting out like there is no rain. And I was barely able to see the road.
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