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  1. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Renault Sport Clio R.S. S1600 driver pants are visible through the seat.
  2. Tigron

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Wow! That was my lucky day.
  3. Tigron

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    PC - no editing
  4. Tigron

    The Solberg World Cup

    "ctrl+f" 121 times for all pages is not a good option. Asking web-developer to add "find myself" bottom like in game is the right way to go. The game should get better! 😉
  5. Tigron

    The Solberg World Cup

    @PJTierney Is it possible to ask the team to add "Find myself" bottom to web-view of the club on Racenet Club page? I tried to see my standing, but browsing through 11000 people is impossible.
  6. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Subaru WRX STI Rallycross black number on the dark window is almost invisible.
  7. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition 1st Bug Yesterday 2020/04/17, USA Daily, windshield wipers suddenly stopped while the car was running on a heavy rain stage exactly in front of the series of hairpins. The car had no damage before the event. I use dashcam view, and for me such "unexpected moment" normally means DNF at once. This looks not very fair comparing to people using external cameras. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce it in replay. But in fact I had to almost stop to play around with wipers switch to make them work again. P.S. Accidental hit of wipers switch is impossible. I have it in place where it is not easy to hit it by mistake. Also to shut down the wipers you need to press and hold the bottom and it will be visible in the replay. But in the replay everything was fine. 2nd Bug Taday's 2020/04/18, Bonus Daily event, Metro MG in Argentina, the car suddenly teleported into the pillar on the 4th bridge. It is very clearly visible even in replay from helicopter view. Developers, please explain how trajectory selection mechanism works. This video makes me suspect some dirty tricks behind the scene, replacing real simulation with randomization scripts.
  8. Tigron

    Questions: Realism and Assists Settings

    Well, if new hybrid cars will be allowed to use electric motor for spool-up, they will become more fun, as electric motor will effectively eliminate turbo lag of small turbo engines at low RPM, then turbo will pick up and pull up to red line. It will be something like supercharger on Lanchia Delta S4. The big questions is reliability of electric components. Electric motors are very simple, but usually they are not reparable in the field. If it does not work, you just have to replace it completely. Batteries under high abusive loads (especially with all bumps and hits a car faces during rally) also may behave very "unexpectedly" - suddenly dropping power without any reasons or even catching on explosive fire that you cannot extinguish without specific fire extinguisher.
  9. Tigron

    What do you miss from older Dirt games?

    Just buy DR2.0: GOTY edition and you will not be not limited any more. Why limit yourself with choice? But I agree, if the option was made like in Dirt 4 - loaner cars & teams if you don't have the money to buy the one you need at a price of % from your winning money or drive you own car for full prize.
  10. Tigron

    What do you miss from older Dirt games?

    I would not argue about physics, as now I am no sure if it have any relation to reality at all, though I will admit that in DR2.0 dry gravel stages really feel much better then in any previous Dirt game. And great thanks for CM for Monte Carlo. This is a really great job! 👍 Smoky Finland and slippery wet roads - not so much. 👎 I played every Dirt since CMR: Dirt 2, so here are the things I am missing: Dirt 2 Atmosphere of motor sport holiday. Fireworks at finish for stage winner. Dialogs and competition with famous racers. Menu like a camper trailer. Yes, after a couple of hours in game it may become bothering to wait for slow camera to move from menu to menu, but there is simple solution - shortcut bar, like in Dirt Rally 2015. Dirt 3 Rally Kenya, Toyota cars, cool liveries, big expandable training ground at Battersea Power Station. Head 2 Head races More unexpected moments - people escaping from track, ability to overtake slow opponent, who started earlier. Female co-driver Dirt Rally 2015 Smokeless Finland Crowd, that does not cripple my GPU Rain drops hitting asphalt in heavy rain Some cool replay camera views Audi sport quatro B2 (not S1) Really cool liveries Pikes Peak hill climb Ability to choose any time/day/weather conditions for time trail Both simplified and advanced car setups Russian Co-driver Dirt 4 Good teaching exercises for beginners. This game has the best newcomer teaching course so far. This should be on day 1 of the release to attract more audience. Ability to set up gymkhana courses in DirtFish. Land rush and rally cross. Best team management in Dirt Games (though WRC 8 looks better) Livery creator tool (though in other games it implemented much better) I am NOT missing stage generator, because in Dirt 4 it was the worst part of the game. But I will really appreciate if it is done right way - big region, with set and random courses in it (like Forza Horizon 3-4, Dakar 18). Dirt Rally 2.0 Good FFB after all. Good handling on dry gravel. Amount of available cars and stages. Monte Carlo. Scotland. Subaru S4 and WRX STI 2015, modern Rally GT RWD cars. Unexpected moments with drone and animals, alive spectators - these make the game alive. In fact, Codemasters do not have to try that much hard. They already have everything to make a great rally game. They just need to gather everything they had in the past into one big cool project, so it will be able to compete even with such monster like Forza Horizon.
  11. Well, at least the guy noticed the thing that bother me off so much. My problem with DR2.0 handling is exactly that you cannot feel the limits of the car. I mean you drive through a set of turns. One time you pass it cool and fast, second time you drive the same, but find yourself in a ditch. What the hell, did I do wrong?! The car seemed pretty controllable, and then just suddenly lost all traction. The problem is that instead of learning the principles of passing the corners, you have to learn how to pass existing set of specific corners. It is still challenging, but it is not rally.
  12. Well, @Ialyrn I really don't know why you making scandal out of nothing and try to see in my posts something that has never been there. In fact I do not care about your opinion. You told your arguments. You voted. That's it! I have a right to disagree. And I am trying to be polite at it's maximum. In fact, you have no reason to be offended and write long sheets in response, trying to prove me something I don't care about. Not at all! First, I never try to be on top-top of the leader board. The position I reached is already high enough (considering the time I play and the time I can spend in the game daily). Second, how many people in the world can reach this time? How many at all can drive like this? I am already a very cool guy, and I enjoy it! 😎 With the screenshot of the leader board I just show that I am not that much bad driver, like some people like you try to show me, using my own videos of fails. At all, it is so dirty trick in the discussion trying to reduce opponent's arguments weight, by showing him as inexperience one and not worth of listening. PEOPLE, Please return to the topic and be polite! What I wanted by starting this thread: Get comments from the developers if there was any tweaks in driving physics in v1.13, that was not clearly reported in the patch note? Get comments from the developers, if these changes were done for better realism, or for driving comfort of discrete HIDs (game controllers and keyboard)? Get comments from the people who drive real rally cars in wet conditions, if Dirt Rally 2.0 physics in v1.13 has anything in common with real car, or it is as arcade as it is? Get comments from ALL players, if they are satisfied and what they feel about driving physics in v1.13?
  13. We will not know for sure until we have comments from the developers. And for those who doubt... If I was not a good driver, I would not be the 2nd Subiee in the village.
  14. @Ialyrn this level of discussion is not welcome. You know nothing about me, buy you dare to judge me by one discussion where I disagreed with your arguments. You opinion, young lady, is NOT an ultimate truth! I heard you opinion. Challenge accepted. 😼 Now you try to open your mind for other people's opinions.
  15. In this thread I would like to find out if there was any driving physics update and how to fix it by setup. Some people and I say yes, PC - Steam non VR physics was reworked and became the same as VR. Rear suspension was reworked. Now there is very little to no traction on rear wheels, that make cars very wobbly and unstable and very easy to spin. Breaking distance increased a lot, and you cannot break with your rear if you loose your front traction. In fact you completely loose the car as soon as you start sliding and it happens suddenly and very unpredictably. Some people like @Ialyrn argue that there are no changes. The people that bugs me are the protectors of whatever developer has done. I myself work in IT and see this kitchen every day. These people does not need either your care, or protection. They will do whatever they want, and we, simple users, have to accept it or stop using the software. Regarding to the case. Your video is in VR. And it was reported, that VR version has this physics for a long time. Some people like @FwyFlyer have dropped VR in favor of desktop one. In fact, for you, playing in VR, nothing changed. For us, playing with normal screen, physics changed a lot. Rear suspension was reworked. Yes, it is rear anti-roll bar that I have to soften twice compared to old setups and still it is just a partial solution. I would even say, that it is very likely the change was made in favor of key players (who use discrete controllers or keyboard), as controlling the car by small pinches (like pressing keyboard bottom) became more easier and rewarding then it used to be. The problem is that these changes were made silently by developers. It was not announced in patch note. Even their own PR team has no idea. I guess, the developer, who did it has not informed even his own tam lead, not to be punished for putting his hands on something he was not supposed to. Now all my setups are f..d up! 😾 I have to learn to drive again. And I am not sure that this new update making the game more realistic, or just turns it into pure arcade, where you have to learn game rules, but not close to real simulation.