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  1. Yes, I have seen his answer. As I mentioned in another thread, the problem is not only with new cars, but with all cars in Heavy Rain Wet conditions are too slidy in the rear. Here are the videos of Ford Mustang and MG Metro, that have been in the game since day one, having very similar problems. Yes, GTR Technical setups help to make cars much more enjoyable, but could you please do a better default setups. I remember the same problem existed in Dirt4, and the only solution to make a car more controllable on breaking was turning on ABS to 4-5. Also, the AI thread for rainy weather became alive again. Is it possible to add extra buff for AI for people using internal cameras in Rain conditions. The guys with external cameras set up unrealistic times, that pushes AI times to the point where they are unbeatable when you play with internal cameras, because you just cannot see the road. Especially on fast splits, AI just flat out like it does not rain.
  2. Tigron

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Codemaster, please tell me how do I suppose to drive this? This is today's AI daily challenge. AI was more than a minute faster flatting out like there is no rain. And I was barely able to see the road.
  3. Tigron

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    It does not affect dry stages this much, but wet stages with heavy rain are a hell! 🙀
  4. Tigron

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Today was not my day 😿
  5. @PJTierney, could you please give a little comment on this, as there are already 2 people who noticed the problem? Is it possible to get more detailed comment from devs on how "WET" physics was changed in 1.13, as patch notes don't provide enough detailed information? Added video to illustrate the case. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition
  6. Tigron

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    My problem with the rain - is unfair advantage to those, who use external cameras or tweak their graphics not to display the rain. It wouldn't be a problem, but such guys set cool times and then nag here that AI is not fast enough. So AI tweaker sets AI times almost unrealistic for people who just want to have immersion with cockpit view and realistic graphic settings. Poland is a good example of crazy fast AI, that has already been pointed out here several times. Physics it is very subjective. I feel not only new cars, but most of the cars lighter weight, and therefore more easy to lunch into the sky. And the cars feel less grippy in wet conditions. Dry conditions really have no changes. Well, maybe I just got brave enough to send the car into the corner at greater speed than I should. 🤔 By the way, good point that with Scotland we finally discovered damage model. Rallying rainy weekly Group A in Scotland after a couple of good crushes into carefully placed logs I finally discovered broken engine that my almost full team could not repair without big penalty. So I had to finish the stages with half powered Lancer that barely reached the finish in one peace. Also great job with Subaru Legacy RS. The car is slow, but when you see it from dash cam this tank does not look slow at all. It is freaking scary! 😱 But it drives so good!
  7. Tigron

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    I would add a few negative points to the FLAT OUT pack too. I guess car physics again was tweaked and this time not the best way. The rear of the car became too slidy. Lateral grip is almost non existent especially in heavy rain. Yes, mud suppose to be slippery, but not like bare ice on summer tires. It looks like the weight of the car also decreased. It is especially visible with new Subaru Impreza S4. Each curb stone can sand you to the stratosphere. The car is low and Scotland have a lot of sneaky curb object so you will fly high and a lot. At all I have such impression the physics returned a little to Dirt Rally 2015 state, where each curb stone also send your car far and away. And yes, heavy rain is almost unplayable with internal cameras in Scotland or Poland. You can see absolutely nothing, but computer opponents and other outside camera "_____s" still flat out like nothing is going on. Still I love this game. Best historical rally in the market.
  8. Tigron

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition - Patch 20/04/15 (FFB Fix)

    I had the same issue. Since Dirt 3 is deleted from in Steam for licensing reasons, I tried to get the patch straight from CM. Unfortunately I was refused and even the guy who made the patch is not working in CM any more since long time ago. I don't think CM even kept the distribution of Dirt 3. It is lost in history, like HOMM3 initial resources was lost with 3DO archives. The only hope is for community, that maybe somebody kept old archive in the disk.
  9. Another missing rain/dirt texture. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition
  10. Please correct me if I am wrong, but are we suppose to have: Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition
  11. @PJTierney I remember you noticed and confirmed this bug, that is like a fly in the ointment. Please ask the team to fix it finally. Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition
  12. Codemasters, nice job for new content! But why no previous bugs was addressed? Even such small ones: Version 1.13 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition