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  1. Hello, Waiting for the 2nd season of DR2.0 I have decided to remember old good Dirt 3. I was very happy with it back then in 2012, but at that time I did not have the wheel and used my keyboard and chase camera. Now I have Logitech G29 and wanted to try Dirt 3 with it. Unfortunately the game is no longer in Steam due to the licensing issues (so the game is de facto abandon-ware). I managed to get the game from one of my friends as Dirt 3 Complete Edition. When I tried I have discovered the issue exactly described here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/1/611702631209592196 Yes, I know, that G29 initially is not supported by Dirt 3, but there are a simple fix for it: https://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/0/483368433105982953/ In the first link there is a mentioning of the official patch with the fix. But since the game is no longer in Steam I can not download it. @PJTierney @justbiglee @justbiglee1 Is it possible to check the archives and publish the patch/fix on the official support site as stand alone patch? Or maybe, since the game is abandon-ware it is possible just to publish the solution (the files of Dirt 3 are not initially encrypted) that everybody can implement it for themselves? Dirt 3 Complete Edition My hardware: https://asset.msi.com/pdf/main/us/nb/GL72 6QF-697.pdf? and Logitech G29 steering wheel with sifter.
  2. Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Some window textures do not become dirty or wet on the following cars. Especially visible in heavy rain. See screenshots in red circles. I understand tough deadlines before Christmas holidays, but please Codemasters, make your team (especially car modellers) concentrate more on quality than on deadlines. This is not the first times they do these mistakes. RX Supercars 2019 Ford Fiesta Rallycross (MK8) (Again forgot about side window behind the pillar) Peugeot 208 R2 (edges of the window shield dirtiness are not accurate, wet are OK) Opel Adam R2 (is it window leaf? Then do it look properly)
  3. Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Ford Fiesta OMSE SuperCar Lite - some window textures do not become dirty or wet. Especially visible in heavy rain. See screenshots in red circles. Please fix this car finally. It has already had problems with textures that was fixed. It is not good that it was not verified all around (in all track conditions) during previous check.
  4. Is it possible to make better optimization of light on fences and net surfaces? I have huge FPS drop in some places from playable 50-30 FPS to completely unplayable 24-28 FPS. The most problematic places are in Jagodno, Poland in wet conditions with headlights on: Entrance to the forest after 1st split, where crowd stands behind net from both sides of the road. Unseen 1 right after chicane in the 2nd split, as there are pole fence to the right of the road. My graphic settings are attached. My hardware: https://asset.msi.com/pdf/main/us/nb/GL72 6QF-697.pdf? and Logitech G29 steering wheel with sifter. Yes, I know that it is garbage that should be replaced ASAP, but this is what I have to use now. I have noticed some progress by turning off Night Lightning. Maybe there are some other parameters to tweak to get better performance especially through these problem splits without dropping all graphics quality to low. hardware_settings_config.xml
  5. Tigron

    DiRTy Gossip

    GG! The best I got was 250 something with 3:32. Luckily got Space Star livery. 😻 Thank you very much Codemasters! 👍 Happy New Year Everyone!
  6. Tigron

    How do I get faster?

    Exactly! Possibly hard coded setup for particular controller. How simple things are hard on consoles! 😩
  7. Tigron

    How do I get faster?

    I do not think it is very easy without having a proportional controller (like steering wheel or RC car pistol type controller). The problem is how to get not full throttle or steering at once with discrete bottom controller (console controller or keyboard). Though there is one method that can be used - control car with impulses. The frequency you press the bottom is the grade of control you get where press and hold is 100%. Such method gives much better control over the car. Though with discrete controller you most likely have to use assists and automatic gear, you have a benefit that you may get 100% control almost instantly from one side to another. At least with older Dirt 3 I was much faster when using keyboard + assists + chase camera, then I am even now in DR2 with steering wheel with FFB + no assists + dashboard camera. Of cause, the second case is much more immersive and that skill are more useful in real life (especially on Quebec slippery winter roads).
  8. Tigron

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    PC Steam, Yas Marina Circuit Another accidental shot. Special for Hansen fans.
  9. It may be a feature. Championship is won by total points. In qualifiers you get points not by place you get, but by total time of the stage. So make sure to have a very clear and fast run in qualifiers. Though eventually you will have to overtake everybody to get the best stage time. In Semi-finals and finals you get points by the place. There is a clear disclaimer about it before each race. In this week AI Challenge I had 7th position by points after qualifiers. Then I managed to be 1st in semi-finals and finals. That made me 1st in the championship. Though 2nd and 3rd place got exactly the same amount of points total. No winner situation. 🤪 Make sure you did not jump the start or did not do some bad cuts during the lap. The penalty may be double joker lap or invalid joker lap. So you will have to take another joker lap.
  10. Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition In daily awards screen results show wrong stage picture. In fact they are messed up. See in red circle on the screenshots.
  11. Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Living the Dream and Watch the DELTA Steam achievements do not count the progress properly and are unreachable.
  12. Simple solution - put your mouse upside down when driving. Or use more creative way
  13. Tigron

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    PC Steam, Lydden Hill Accidentally captured good shot on exit
  14. Hello, since bug report 1.10 is already closed and 1.11.1 has not created yet, I would like to introduce new thread. In this thread, please post some minor errors in graphics you may notice in the game. Like textures do not become dirty, etc. Include game version, platform, game edition, location and/or car, as well as proof with screenshot/video. If necessary add your graphical settings. P.S. Finland "forest fire" smoke, milk rain, Volkswagen Gold GTI 16V upside down rev counter (not a bug) does not count, as they have already been reported a lot of times. For example, Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Subaru WRX STI Rallycross has problem with window texture next to left mirror (look in the red circle on screenshots). It does not become dirty or wet. It is repetitive and especially visible in heavy rain.