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  1. A short description of the problem: Replays have an option menu that remembers your preferences; though your music preference isn't saved (you can't keep it turned off), supposedly because it's meant to load a random track each time. The problem is, turning down the Replay Music in Audio options also turns down all in-event music. I'm assuming this isn't intentional. This includes: After-stage music, i.e. the leaderboards and the menu from which you select 'View Replay' etc. Loading screens Basically all music except for the main menus This goes for all event types, either on- or offline What you're left with arethe new loading and post stage sound effects added in patch 1.14. I wish they were more subtle since they can't be turned down/off. Platform you’re on: PS4 Pro  Game Version: Since 1.13; which is when I started playing Game Mode: Once you enter any game mode, until you return to the main menu Any accessories you are using: Dualshock 4 v2 Video: This video shows Replay Music being turned off, after which all in-event music is muted. It also shows the main menu music being muted, but that only happens the first time you turn down the Replay Music, and doesn't persist. The gameplay is from the Colin McRae DLC, but as mentioned, all in-event music is muted when Replay Music is turned off, in any mode, whenever you boot up the game.
  2. fadingtrails

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    The menu sound effects included with the patch aren't very subtle. Would have been nice to have the option to turn them off.
  3. Hello all, I've been doing rallies in Career at Professional difficulty, which allow for four services across eight stages. Tyre sets can be changed three times. Assuming you get a free tyre change at the first service before the rally starts (the counter stays at 3/3), I shouldn't have to worry about not being able to change tyres at any of the next three services. Still, on a few occasions I've somehow not had a tyre change available at the final service area. What am I missing? One time, I started a stage after service on a worn tyre, only to quit the game. When I came back to the game later, the same tyre set was shown as being new. Is this a visual glitch, or can you actually game the system? Thanks, fadingtrails
  4. You're welcome, CMTGK. It never happened before the update. It's not the sort of thing you'd miss, but then close finishes are relatively rare, so I'm not 100% certain whether or not I had any such finishes between the first seasonal update and the last.
  5. fadingtrails

    grid liverys

    Inside the garage, try looking for a car with a ❗ in its thumbnail.
  6. fadingtrails

    Bewegliche Flügel bei Hypercars

    Sounds like a visual bug. Maybe try posting a topic using the bug reporting template?
  7. A short description of the problem: I've been classified second in two races I should have won. I was never investigated for cutting corners in these races. No penalties were applied The AI car taking the win seems to have a shorter total time than they should, which sees them leapfrog me They took place in separate events They were both close finishes They were both races affected by rain Platform you’re on: PS4 Pro Game Version: The latest, being Season 3 patch + Hotflix Game Mode: Single Player, Career, Season 2 & 1 respectively (see video) Any accessories you are using: Dualshock 4 v2 Video: Bug occurs at 7:25 and 13:30 If needed I'll try to provide any additional information.
  8. fadingtrails

    Is DLC Integrated Into the Career?

    I did really enjoy the original Dirt Rally career mode. Doesn't it have you start with historic FWD cars and work your way towards more powerful machinery? I've decided to play the 2.0 career in the same way. Should be rewarding beating the Masters.
  9. fadingtrails

    Is DLC Integrated Into the Career?

    Having received vehicles through the DLC (which I'd rather have earned), I've found out career mode lets you start a championship with any vehicle right off the bat. It begs the question, what am I working towards? To make matters worse, the AI isn't putting up a fight. Freeplay does have you go through the Historic vehicle classes step by step, but why is this separate from Career? The gameplay is solid but the (baffling) game design holding it up are taking away any satisfaction I could get from playing it.
  10. fadingtrails

    Is DLC Integrated Into the Career?

    So how is the career mode structured? Are the championships randomly generated and that's how to DLC rallies are included?
  11. fadingtrails

    Is DLC Integrated Into the Career?

    Hello everyone, I'm considering buying the DLC and I'm wondering if the rallies included therein will show up in the career mode, or if you'll have to access them through Custom/Freeplay modes. Having only just started the game, it'd seem like a waste to pay for DLC I won't get around to using while I go through my career. Thanks for your time, fadingtrails
  12. fadingtrails

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    @CMTGK Could you please tell us what the team's reasoning is behind creating a trophy list that's extremely grindy rather than even slightly challenging?
  13. fadingtrails

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    @ChrisGrovesMCM Could you please provide insight as to the reasoning behind adding trophies like these? It doesn't teach you anything about the game, it doesn't challenge you to get better, and there's no big payoff. It just ticks a box telling you you did it. But why do it? Why have a trophy in a racing game that asks you to travel 16x the distance of the career mode (based on the numbers I've read in this thread)? In the context of trophies, this is inane. In the context of game design, this is poor design.
  14. fadingtrails

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    AK, this isn't about whether or not people choose to play a game only for its trophies. I'd personally be fine with Codies games not having trophies, but since they do, it's fair to question the quality of a trophy list just like you might do with any actual in-game content. Trophies can improve the experience by encouraging you to try things in a game you normally wouldn't, or by challenging you to get better. There is no meaning to a trophy that just has you grinding, so the criticism is justified.
  15. fadingtrails

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    As someone who's been playing Codemasters games for decades, I'd be interested to know what the thinking is behind this kind of trophy. I personally don't see what merit they have; why not add trophies that are actually difficult? I've always had a good time with Codies games, but these grindy trophies have been tainting the experience somewhat in the past few console generations. I suspect their addition was born out of cynicism, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.