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  1. Fekwitensen

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    This has been asked innumerable times but is there any plan to fix custom games I.E make them public? As well are there plans to make skirmish a selection and playable in the custom games? Sometimes it's great fun to go out and smash any and everything in sight. The only reason I haven't thrown the game in the bin is that these and other suggestions hopefully will eventually be included. And apology's for mentioning this again but going right back to the start of the thread is a long process. One final suggestion, create an information only thread, pin it at the start and list the changes being considered, actively being pursued and progress.
  2. Fekwitensen

    GRID 2 mp vs. GRID 2019 mp

    Rush it out and hope they can fix the stuff ups with patches. People know what a patch does, right? It only covers bigger problems. As the current imbroglio with the latest so called fix proves.
  3. Fekwitensen

    Xbox issues following GRID patch - updates here

    I've read that people are having trouble on Pc and PS4 as well. Have these issues been sorted as well?
  4. Fekwitensen

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    From what I've read it aint limited to the xbox. PC and PS4 are having problems as well. No GRID for me 'til they come out with the patch for the patch or they remove the patch that needs a patch. Confused? So am I.
  5. Fekwitensen

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Has this patch been pulled?
  6. Fekwitensen

    GRID 2 mp vs. GRID 2019 mp

    A big problem I've found with the current mp game is, same type of race and same types of car over and over. I.E track, day, fine. City, night,rain. Usually give up before the 3rd, The cars? only ones I've seen have been the Mclaren, a Ferrari and a Ford Focus. Bring back the Grid Autosport lobby or at least make races created by players open for others to join instead of being strictly private affairs.