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  1. Briscousse

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    well, finaĺy disappointed by the game, I'm gonna sell it,I don't play it anymore
  2. Briscousse

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    the most important point for online is the AI players to be balanced, punished on agressive contacts.
  3. Briscousse

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hello grid developpers, please find here a grouped feedback from approx 30 french ps4 players : carrer mode : globally satisfied as it is multiplayer : many suggestions ! 1/ AI players must be balanced. In case of contact between human and AI players, AI players should be more punished. 2/ Contacts between humans agressive players should be more punished (increase car damage or generates critical damages). 3/ private online session should have an option to open to public. 4/ private session, add a setting to force the use of a unique and same vehicle for all players 5/ quick race may have critical damage activated by default. 6/ each 3 agressive contacts in the front of the car during the same race should lead to a 2 sec penalty 7/ private session, add a setting to disable some driving assistance (kind of hardcore mode) 8/ quick race, rename the "time attack" by a kind of "pursuit mode" 9/ create a real time attack mode, where opponents are ghosts. 10/ add a vote option. this vote option may have a consequence on rewarding or punish a pilot for the next race 11/ quick races seems to be always the same patterns, perhaps add a vote system for the next race 12/ add a destruction derby mode ! 13/ add rally cross races, 14/ add option for forced pit stop 15/ the physic of the handbrake behavior must be improved a lot for all cars. the use of handbrake leads to illogical mass transfer, too difficult to manage thanks for your attention ! kind regards