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  1. I think that a feature that virtually no one has come up is: AI incident, for now every retirement from AI is from engine failure, and rarely, almost never for contact between two car. I think that there has to be more contact between cars and more important Ai errors, like Bottas in the Mexican qualification where he destroyed the car in the barrier. What is needed is a bit more realism in how a gp usually is, the safety car problem is in a million topic before mine so i don't wanna spend words on that. Another feature that I think will be fair to the AI, is this: FUEL LIMITATION: if there is fuel limitation 100kg for 100% race, why the same rule doesn't apply at the lower %? I think it's only fair that for 50% race we should have only max 50kg of fuel, and so on for 25%. Maybe it could be implemented as a "guide help", we can turn on or off that limitation like we do with the penalties, the abs, the virtual line ecc... My final suggestion, but this I thik is impossible maybe for f1 rights... it will be very good having two or three race tracks, so that in career mode the seasons are not the same. Through track rotation we could have every season different from the previous, for example in 2020 we would have nederland and vietman, and no hockenheim, and the game i think should be the same using 2-3 of the previous track.