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  1. TheAggravator

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Too many snowflakes are involved in the making of games these days. When a snowflake makes a game, they cater it towards all the other snowflakes as they think people wont buy it. They dont see flashbacks as a negative, instead its a positive about the game. If you suck its ok, have a flashback. You dont need to do the entire lap again. Or if you're racing online you dont need to worry about messing up as a magical flashback will float you on to the track like a wonderful snowflake. Dont let practise and skill make you good at the game, just take people out and hit flashback. I wonder if the DEVs of this game have ever actually played RD Grid. Codemasters do not have the balls/bottle to remove flashbacks from online and put full damage all the time throughout the game. Noobs will not buy a game like that, Noobs are the target market at least thats their thinking. It is really really sad for gaming in general.
  2. TheAggravator

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Get it back to the shop ASAP. The game is broken.
  3. TheAggravator

    Game won't start after update

    Im sorry Codemasters but this level of blunder is unacceptable. Refund has been requested. "Software is not fit for purpose". I've been through every step Microsoft can think of, its not on their side. The problem clearly lies with your update. Which has snapped your software in half rendering it not fit for the purpose it was created and sold for. Thus validating any claim for a refund. May I suggest if you ever make another game, especially a GRID game, when YOU the studio has decided its finished, put it out as a beta and let the players decide. You may like to take the risk with your companies bank balance, but I'd rather not take risks when it come to my hard earned cash. If you had finished the game in the first place this situation would never have arisen. I am now officially a Former customer. I will be hesitant about being a future customer. You really should take note of that last comment the future of your company depends on it.
  4. TheAggravator

    Game won't start after update

    Microsoft have asked me to re install the game and try it again. They say if it doesn't work they will refund my money. Or I can wait for an update to the game. 🙄🤔🤦‍♂️
  5. TheAggravator

    Game won't start after update

    Did anyone turn up to work at Codemasters this morning? Is this the work of a disgruntled employee? Some comment from anyone @Codemasters would be awesome. Thanks.
  6. TheAggravator

    Game won't start after update

    I think it may have been broken slightly before, but yes it seems so. Cant even play career.
  7. TheAggravator

    Game won't start after update

    I know, but I cant call Codemasters. This is going to take another patch. Which is going to be a week minimum. Probably going to take 2 weeks. 28GB of 43 downloaded... I'll post on here if it loads up. Doubt it though. I only bought the game 3 days ago. This really sucks.
  8. TheAggravator

    AFTER UPDATE Game wont start.

    The game has just been updated but it simply wont load up anymore. This is happening on the Xbox One X for me. It tries to load, just shows the loading screen picture and then goes black and im back on the dashboard as if I never loaded the game. Please fix this CM. I want to play.
  9. TheAggravator

    Game won't start after update

    Hey Codemasters, I have just updated the new GRID and now it wont load up. It shows the loading picture (the one on the box) then goes black and goes back to the XBOX dashboard. I've deleted the game and am now REinstalling it. Hopefully it loads up. If not I guess I'll have to call Microsoft and see what they can do.