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  1. Hey @ChazB97, Please can you update your post using the following template, it really helps in getting your issue looked into. I've added some bits in for you already. Thanks!
  2. @HighTechGG The AMD Phenom II 970 processor you are running is ten years old which might be why you're struggling to get the game working. It falls below the minimum requirements on Steam. Your GPU is just meeting the minimum requirements for the game. @GodsAvenger I'm going to try and find other troubleshooting solutions but I'm not hopeful.
  3. Hey folks, I've created a thread here which offers some troubleshooting steps to anyone experiencing similar issues. If you have any further tips you would like to submit, please feel free to add them there
  4. Hey folks, Some GRID 2019 players on PC have been continuing to report crashing issues related to DX12. Whilst the majority of these can be fixed quite easily, we wanted to put a topic together as a troubleshooting tool for those continuing to get these problems. If you are receiving errors similar to the one below, this topic should help. The majority of these crash errors can be resolved by doing the following: - Ensure GRID, your drivers, and Windows are drivers are up-to-date - To ensure Windows is up to date, navigate to the search bar and type 'Windows update
  5. @dr0pthehamm3r11 Next suggestion: If you go to C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\My Games\GRID (2019)\hardwaresettings and delete the 'hardware settings config' file then that may help. The game will create another instance of that file when you next boot the game up.
  6. Any chance of future F1 PSVR game? Dirt VR was an amazing experience would love too see that replicated on the F1 track outside of Grand Turismo.


    Would pay over 100$ for a DLC ... especially given my downtime during all this isolation.


    Thanks ! 

  7. Thanks for replying. DX12 errors a bit complicated as they don't have a single cause. I'm looking to get some more help from the development team but for the time being here's a couple other things you can try: - Make sure your anti-virus/malware protection isn't blocking the game by adding 'Grid_dx12.exe' to your exceptions. To do this with Windows Firewall, open up Firewall in the Control Panel, go to 'Allow an app' or 'add an exception' and add the 'Grid_dx12.exe' that's located in your Steam folder to this list. Once done, make sure this is saved. - Make sure you aren't running '
  8. I'm sorry you're still having problems. If you've played less than two hours on Steam you can request a refund but I am still actively looking into this. It's very difficult to diagnose when you're the only one having this specific problem but I'm doing what I can. Should have an update later on today for you. Hey @chukyx006 - Welcome to the Codemasters Forums. That processor falls under the minimum required specifications of what is need to play GRID, which is probably why you're having issues. Hey @GodsAvenger - Welcome! Your PC certainly shouldn't be seeing this
  9. Ah, right, so it's happening still in the same way as before. Thanks for clarifying. I'll report this again. Random suggestion @dr0pthehamm3r11 - make sure the most up to date version of this is installed (1903) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/mediafeaturepack
  10. Sorry, you're having problems @dr0pthehamm3r11 - what are you doing to get this message?
  11. I don't think they do, no. Gotta be offline in Career/Freeplay.
  12. Depending on your region and platform there will be slight delays in when Season 3 will be available separately. Should be within the next couple hours that it's available globally.
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