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  1. CMTGK

    Season 2 DLC not available (PS4)

    Hey @x0xmurciex0x - Welcome to the Codemasters Forums! Please can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing on the store? Please use this thread as a template on how to report issues - the more detail the better! 🙂
  2. Hey folks, got an update for you. This is what I've got from the handling team looking into this: If this doesn't work, they recommend seeing if the shaking continues to be apparent in PS4 home menu. If it does, then it's likely a hardware error and worth speaking to Logitech about. Hope this helps!
  3. CMTGK

    New stats in-game wrong figures reset

    Thanks for clarifying @CaptainP - the team are looking into this at the moment, keep an eye out here/on the Forums for any updates.
  4. CMTGK

    Wrong statistics

    Thanks for the clarification @GavinMac - Have you played much multiplayer/freeplay? That could explain the difference. If not, it's probably wrong. Certainly seems unlikely that you have driven 3x the distance but both have the same 'Good Corners Taken' count.
  5. CMTGK

    Wrong statistics

    Thank you for the screenshots. I'm struggling to see what could be the problem here - could you elaborate?
  6. CMTGK

    Wrong statistics

    Can you share a screenshot please, @GavinMac - the more info the better!
  7. CMTGK

    New stats in-game wrong figures reset

    Hey @CaptainP - thanks for making us aware of this. Can you confirm what console you are playing on (Xbox One/Xbox One X/PC)? You aren't the only one experiencing this issue and I'm actively looking into this.
  8. CMTGK

    Wrong statistics

    Hey @KreuZenNL - Can you confirm that all the people you have shared are playing on PlayStation?
  9. CMTGK

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    @CCCP1945 - You need to give me more information than this. Clearly this shouldn't be showing as 'Zero' distance driven but please use the following template in order for us to help:
  10. Hey @PIXELSLIDER. Please use the template below as a way of reporting bugs in this Forum. You can either update your original post here or create a different one. The more information we have, the better!
  11. CMTGK

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    You may have thought you drove more than is listed in your stats, yes - however, that doesn't mean that's the case. There does appear to be a wider problem with the stats screen at the moment and how distance is calculated could also be a factor in that. Once I know more, I will report back. Your maximum driver level doesn't automatically mean that you would have driven all 40,000 kilometres required to fulfil the achievement. Someone else may have unlocked the achievement without reaching the maximum driver level. As I mentioned above, if someone with the achievement showed their stats screen we would be closer then than now in working out whether yours is broken. The achievement does take many hours, perhaps many more than you have invested so far - we don't know that for sure.
  12. Hey @tourist! I've raised this with the Development team, I'll let you know if there's anything that can be done. I too have noticed this when playing online, it's not clear at all how many credits are issued for completing.
  13. CMTGK

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Hey @Nocturnal_Heart - welcome to the Codemasters Forums! This is a really tough one, because it's not something that we can really verify. I totally understand what you're saying but I don't see how we can work out you have driven more than you say you have. Granted, if we were to receive an onslaught of reports from players saying the same thing then we can look into this. Perhaps someone who has the achievement unlocked can share their stats screen to see how they compare, that could be a good start. The Around The Globe achievement is a mammoth one, so I wouldn't blame you for mistaking that you should be closer to its completion than you are!
  14. CMTGK

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Hey @KreuZenNL - I spotted this on Discord too, thanks for posting it here. Can you please create a separate thread in the Technical Assistance Forum using the template linked below, as this appears to be a slightly different issue to the one listed by @Nocturnal_Heart?
  15. Yes, replaying a Career event will give you half the credits you got completing it the first time around.