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  1. Hey @MadMann - Welcome to the Codemasters Forums. Take a look here, you might find an answer:
  2. CMTGK

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    This fix is for the single-player qualifying yes. The hot lap bug in multiplayer was fixed in the last patch - did you ever get a chance to test it?
  3. CMTGK

    Car liveries

    Hey @Cameramon - Please use this topic as a guide when reporting bugs, it helps us identify the problems you're having:
  4. CMTGK

    Grid 2019 Illegal Instruction

    Hey @Wolfgang007 - Welcome to the Forums! As you're experiencing similar issues to others, I would suggest taking a look at this topic to see if you can find a fix. Best of luck!
  5. CMTGK

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    This has now been fixed with a patch. Stadia's patch will follow shortly
  6. This has been fixed with a patch today
  7. CMTGK

    GRID - Patch Notes

    Patch Notes - 02/06/20 Below you will find patch notes for the most recent update to GRID. The update is now live on Xbox One, PS4, and PC - a patch for Stadia will shortly follow. Please ensure your game is updated in order to have access to these additions/changes. Fixed an issue where finishing in 1st place in Hot Lap, places players in last place for the race Other minor bug fixes and tweaks UPDATE - 03/06 Patch now live on Google Stadia.
  8. CMTGK

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Just to update, we're working on a fix and planning to get it live next week.
  9. Just to update, we're working on a fix and planning to get it live next week.
  10. CMTGK

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Just to reiterate @eMc0B - thanks!
  11. Hey everyone - we're aware of the bug and are issuing a fix for this very soon. I'll let you know once it's updated. Thank you for your reports!
  12. Hey folks - we are aware of this bug and are looking to put a patch live for this ASAP
  13. Glad to know you've fixed it @EpicPandemic! No blame here but it could be down to a slow hard drive. Something to think about if you are seeing slower load-times in other games.
  14. Thank you for updating @EpicPandemic. Do you have the game installed on an SSD or HDD? I would recommend 'verifying game files' on Steam - this can often solve multiple problems.