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  1. Hey @GraniteRock - Welcome to the Codemasters Forums! These are some very strange bugs indeed, I really appreciate you adding some video to go with your report. I've made a note, will get this over to the development team this week and get back to you once I have more to share 🙂
  2. Hey @colshycats - I've got some people looking into this. In the meantime, have you made sure all your game drivers are up to date? It appears that's the source of a lot of the problems.
  3. Gotcha - thanks for the update @TomFoxx. I'll be speaking to the development team today - I'll check what's going on and get back to you.
  4. Had to flip my monitor upside down to read it but thank you 😄 So just to confirm, you have purchased the full-game after playing the Trial? And you have replayed the event and met the criteria again (i.e. won the event a second time after purchasing)?
  5. Season 2 (Stadia) - Update GRID Season 2 is now available for Google Stadia. Details of what is included is listed here: And here:
  6. Hey @TomFoxx - Welcome to the Codemasters Forums! Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Could you post a screenshot of the problem you're having - perhaps just a shot of your Career progress will be enough.
  7. I've done some further investigation surrounding assets and textures to clarify this some more (bear with me, it's a little more technical!): In previous games (pre-DiRT4) we were using a "specular" workflow. We had a narrower range of time of days, and assets were authored to best sit in these lighting settings. In rare cases we even had to have a day and night version of the same assets. Our new innovative PBR (physically based rendering) workflow allows all assets to work in any lighting setting and weather condition - this allows us to offer much more variation with GRID 2019 featurin
  8. Thanks for the update @colshycats. I'll do some investigating and then get back to you on this thread.
  9. Hey, @Nr1Cobra thank you so much for this detailed post. I'm sorry that this is happening! Clearly, it looks like you should have unlocked these objectives by now. I'll report this with the relevant team and get back to you accordingly. (I've moved this topic to 'Technical Assistance')
  10. Hey @RY0NE, welcome to the Codemasters Forums! I'm gunna need some more info on this, please use the thread below to create your own sperate thread with the issues you're having:
  11. Hey @BRMPNewson and @zibberman2003 - After speaking to the relevant team it is an HDD issue. Unfortunately, you will experience different issues playing the game from an external HDD as opposed to the on-board one. The only recommendation I can offer is to have the game installed on the main HDD or get yourself a faster - ideally, mains powered - HDD.
  12. Problems with the game running on the external HDD are generally going to be related to hardware. However, I will speak to development about whether they are aware of any other issues with external HDD launching and report back 🙂
  13. There's been ongoing discussion when it comes to graphics/visuals recently and after speaking to the development team last week, I want to give some insight on GRID 2019. Hopefully, this post clears a few things up. Whilst this thread is locked, I'll be linking back to this should similar topics come up in future posts. Whilst some of the tracks in GRID 2019 are featured in GRID Autosport, it's wrong to say that the textures have been downgraded - they haven't. At the very least, they have been carried over from previous titles. Whilst not the entire reasoning, it's worth pointing out tha
  14. Hey @colshycats thanks for the info. First thing I'd recommend doing is verifying the game files on Steam. If that doesn't work then, I know it's a pain, but you could try reinstalling the game. I imagine the upgrade in hardware could be causing some sort of conflict with the new installation of Windows (if you're using the same hard-drive). Let me know how you get on.
  15. Community Update - Patch Notes (25/02/2020) As discussed last week, we have been working hard on some community-requested features in GRID. As always, thank you for your feedback and ongoing support. We hope you enjoy these changes - after all, you asked for them! Bugs Fix for Hot lap joining issue grid placement. Rain on the window screen is working correctly again with all vehicles. Features Added the ability to tune vehicle in the pause menu in Skirmish (Once in Skirmish mode: Pause > Vehicle Tuning > Tune to what you like > Apply) Added
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