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  1. @KickUp  Is there any graphical upgrades compare to Dirt Rally. Some new technology?
  2. Was really nice work from the Finnish police to help drivers to get next stage on time when the roads where totally jammed. https://www.instagram.com/p/BIgFI0ph1wsYUnzbMzvlHetmDZhOoiba37wr200/?taken-by=d1ea
  3. Ahh Wales my favorite location. Started strong with the time  5.43 on ss1. While watching the scoreboard my pc crashed.... Soo again ss1 with 5.47 time, sigh.. Made a barrel roll and run over a spectator on ss2 and lost 20 sec and destroyed my car. After that got a good rhythm and drove to the finish with decent time. :) Must say it was a best league i have ever played so thanks for that! :) And even if i moan everytime does not mean im not enjoy driving ;)
  4. Just finished Germany. I **** hate tarmac, i have no idea how to drive on it :D So i tried just drive thru without crashing like i did on 2nd stage on Monte Carlo. Was doing okay and having a 2nd place. On stage 6 i was having a speed of my life untill "dont cut" and i did. Full stop and everything went to s**t! :D Lights gone, puncture, engine lights on. Had a long travel to finish but lost only 1 possition and 15 sec. So i speeded up and made a fastest time on the last stage and got my 2nd place back :) Might have won without the crash, well there is only one to blame :disappointed: "Dont
  5. Fucked up big time this time. Crashed 4 times and totally wrecked my car. All the engine lights where on and probably had 100 hp on the last stage. :D  Good luck for the rest
  6. Probably they post it so we can send them some questons.
  7. So i have been sick today so i had to drive with fever the last 4 stages. Spinned on the ss4 and 5 cause of fever... or my mistake :# On last short stage made a barrel roll but luckily ended up right back to the track. :D Holding the 1st place now with good lead. :) Will see if CrazyNevada will over take me.
  8. Well after Monte Carlo disaster im having a good run and leading after 3 stages. :) spinned in the SS2 tho so there is room for improvment :)
  9. Will consoles btw have the same leaderboards as PC? and dailys?
  10. First place on stage one, and then game crashed and all over the first stage with 0.4 sec slower time, but still 1st. And then on the second stage hited a snowbank and my car stucked on top of it... Unrecoverabke car! The fuck!? I understand if i drive straight down the hill but this! :D well better luck next time 
  11. Was there any good gossip questions and answers? The stream was so laggy that i quit watching
  12. @KickUp  How about any new Mitsubishis after Modern Masters? ;)
  13. Look how the road goes uphill on the right corner, defo not monte.
  14. All i need is these 3 beauty Game is 3 Mitsubishis too short.
  15. Its great to get more cars, but seriously another ford?
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