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  1. Ahh Wales my favorite location. Started strong with the time  5.43 on ss1. While watching the scoreboard my pc crashed.... Soo again ss1 with 5.47 time, sigh.. Made a barrel roll and run over a spectator on ss2 and lost 20 sec and destroyed my car. After that got a good rhythm and drove to the finish with decent time. :) Must say it was a best league i have ever played so thanks for that! :) And even if i moan everytime does not mean im not enjoy driving ;)

  2. Just finished Germany. I **** hate tarmac, i have no idea how to drive on it :D So i tried just drive thru without crashing like i did on 2nd stage on Monte Carlo. Was doing okay and having a 2nd place. On stage 6 i was having a speed of my life untill "dont cut" and i did. Full stop and everything went to s**t! :D Lights gone, puncture, engine lights on. Had a long travel to finish but lost only 1 possition and 15 sec. So i speeded up and made a fastest time on the last stage and got my 2nd place back :) Might have won without the crash, well there is only one to blame :disappointed:

    "Dont cut"

  3. Wager: never tried this car on these scenery before on V2. So i drove a bit too carefully.
    Daily hillclimb: Run over spectator and crashed on the first run. Almost bored to death on the second run so decided to abandon run and take my first time and run.