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  1. RRL2016

    Abu Dabby Grand Prix

    If Abu Dhabi had some circuit modifications it would be a great track in my opinion. There's a YouTuber called Jimlaad43 who did a great job of 'fixing' the track. In racing games I love driving but it could be better and in real life could be a bit better to watch.
  2. Hi there. I was just wondering to see if anyone else has or had this problem. So I just got the 1.15 update for F1 2019 today because the Xbox One update came later. I'm at Bahrain in Season 5 of my Career mode and The AI starts seem to be way more OP than before. I qualified 6th on the grid and before I even got to turn 1, I was down to 9th. I restarted a few times and most of the time went down to 10th and got to 11th at one stage. The same happened in Australia a race earlier when I qualified 3rd and went down to 6th at turn 2. However, for me, this has only happened in Career as in Grand Prix mode earlier I was testing the AI starts at Australia and it was completely fine, but then I jumped into Career mode and it was the same, if not then maybe worse than before. Is there any help I can get on this? Also: I play on Xbox One S and my username is RRL2016.