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  1. I have a theory. I'm currently doing laps with a CronusMax because I'm not going to sit there doing laps at Indy for 95+ hours. So I have my CronusMax doing 3 lap races and restarting the race at the end. Everything is fine most of the time but sometimes I'll wake up in the morning and my Xbox will be reset and back at the dashboard. I'm assuming it has installed an update and restarted. I think what's happening is that as long as the game is running, it's counting the miles and moving the tracker appropriately, but I'm guessing that when you restart a race at the end rather than continue, it doesn't autosave, so if something happens like the game getting cut off because the Xbox restarts itself, you lose any progress you made since the last autosave. The tracker stays where it is, but the miles traveled in the game revert back to the last time it saved, so then you have a period of potentially many hours where the game is counting up miles but it's still below where the achievement tracker is currently sitting, so you don't see any progress on the tracker until it "catches up" to point where the tracker is and will start moving the tracker again. We could verify this for sure if we had a display of miles traveled in the game, but we don't so it's all speculation. Hypothetical example: I leave the game running and go to bed and the tracker is at 82% (roughly 20,500 miles). During the night it keeps going and moves the tracker to 85% (roughly 21,250 miles). I wake up in the morning and find my Xbox has reset to the dashboard, likely because of an update. I launch the game and start doing laps again and do 500 miles which should move the tracker 2% but the tracker doesn't move. This is because as far as the game is concerned, I only have 21,000 miles driven since I lost the 750 that didn't get save before the Xbox reset, so until I get back to 21,250 miles, the tracker won't move again. If the CronusMax has been running for 18 hours before this happens, that means you lose 18 hours worth of progress and the tracker won't start moving again until you redo that previous 18 hours. So I guess the lesson is make sure you end races periodically to get it to autosave often so you don't get screwed by a power outage or an update or what have you rather than constantly restarting the same race.
  2. You need to use a faster car. 99 laps should only take 59-61 minutes. With the Porsche 917/30 in the Invitational Group 7 class, 37 sec laps are easily possible, even if you're only half paying attention and bouncing off of walls, with many in the 35-36 sec range. Still 93-95 hours to get that last 94% but less than 116. Definitely a lot more than 50-70 99 lap races. That assumes you'd be at 30-50% when you finish all the content in the game, when in reality you're closer to 6-7%, so you need to do the 99 lap race 93-94 times, taking 93 hours at an absolute minimum. And that's if it will even count your miles, which a decent amount of the time for me it doesn't. The game has registered no progress for me on the achievement tracker since the latest update despite doing 500+ laps at Indy now.
  3. I'm not here to complain about the length of the Around the Globe achievement/trophy. I'm here to report that it is no longer counting miles at all since the latest patch. I have done enough miles today to move the tracker more than 4% (420ish laps at Indy) and my tracker on XB1 has been stuck at 82% the entire time. It would be nice if we could see anything at all in game that would tell us how many miles we've traveled so we don't have to waste so much time only to find out that nothing we're doing is even counting. Can we at least get some milestones added for some increments or even better add some kind of statistics area in your personal profile. It obviously is tracking all of these things in order to unlock milestones/achievements, so why keep all of that hidden from us?
  4. erod550

    Look back view

    I can look back in chase cam mode by pulling down on the right stick. Moving the right stick works for looking left and right too. Edit - Never mind just saw you're using a wheel. Yea the R3 (right stick click) looks back when in cockpit view but does not look back when in chase cam mode.
  5. erod550

    Game won't start after update

    I was 82% done with the horrific Around the Globe achievement, hoping to be done with this garbage game forever in the next couple days. Now I can't finish it for who knows how long until they get another patch out. 100% the worst Codemasters experience I've had. It's sad because they've put out so many good games but they really just phoned this one in.