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  1. eu3891

    Base PS4, Crashes are NOT the biggest issue.

    Well defining crashes and freezing that completely prevent the videogame from playing NOT the biggest problem seems to me to be quite risky since a videogame first has to make you play
  2. eu3891

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    I hope so since I spent € 70 for what is currently just an ornament
  3. I thought that there could be this difference between PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro since reading some posts I saw that this problem did not concern everyone. Surely the update was developed on PS4 Pro without thinking that it could give problems to the less powerful PS4
  4. I was wrong in believing that the error was only that of the rare decal, I tried to play again and before it was freezing the game immediately after finishing the race, on the second attempt it crashed as soon as I tried to load the event. the game freezes a bit when it suits him, sometimes when he loads the race, sometimes after. Sometimes it crashes me directly, giving me a blue screen and error, the game's latest installed patch is 1.05 29/10/19 and even the slim PS4 is updated to firmware 7
  5. thanks, apparently the problem was just that
  6. since yesterday I have been trying to play it and I managed to save only one race, for the rest it always crashes and every now and then it crashes.
  7. eu3891

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    I agree that it is completely unacceptable, I hope they will resolve the issue soon
  8. Happen to me also, but it also happened to me that the game was just crashing, or since yesterday it is practically impossible for me to play
  9. Same, either cashes when loading race or freezes after a race. Unacceptable.

    1. eu3891


      I agree completely with you, especially because it happened to me once the sudden crashes ruined the rescues, luckily this time it didn't happen but when I see the PS4 blue screen I'm always scared

  10. First of all, sorry, my English is not the best. today on PS4 the game has been updated to the 1.05 patch but after the game is updated it crashes when it loads the race or immediately after the end of the race. Today it happened to me several times while until yesterday the game worked perfectly. Thank you for your attention.