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  1. dg1234567890000

    AFTER UPDATE Game wont start.

    Bad thing is that the patch was still deploying 6 hours after people reported it cr4pping out their games... killed mine at the +6 hours from first report marker.. wish I had read the forum before letting the p155 poor patch get anywhere near my xbox1.... poor testing and even poorer concern for impact and reputation.. you don't get this with Forza.. 🙂
  2. dg1234567890000

    Xbox issues following GRID patch - updates here

    so not much in the way of updates..
  3. dg1234567890000

    Game won't start after update

    Yup, they killed it good... mine just updated 15 minutes ago.. on load it just jumps to a black screen then back to main Xbox360 screen... that was 45 quid spent badly... No word from them what they did and why the **** is the update still being pushed out if it is a POS bit of code...… poor, very poor... especially as people seem to have been reporting this for 6+ hours....