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  1. hey guys, is there any possibility to change the FOV with a number and then below the now lowest option? I have a vFOV of 22° , which is probably not possible to set with the current menu options. Thanks for any help.
  2. HomieFFM

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    It's not possible to set the FOV below a certain point? For example: I have an vFOV in Assetto Corsa of 22 That's not reachable in Dirt rally 2.0 or I can't find any file to put a number manually in. Then the next problem will be the limited pitch and height adjustment... DR 2.0 is a real pain in that regard 😞
  3. I really would like to know if there is even something planned to improve those basics. Like FOV + seatposition are the most important things before you even start a Sim. Only in Arcade like games this doesn't play a role, which is fine. But I thought this would be a sim... Sorry that I sound like a crybaby, I really want to play this sim and buy the latest content, but this limited seat/fov thing keeps me away from dirt 2.0 at the moment ;(
  4. There is still nothing changed for this seat position stuff... It's so frustrating, in every other sim you have the chance to setup the seat/view position however you want with no limitation. Another big problem are those limited FOV options. This slider is like a bad joke, why doesn't you work with any numbers? ''narrow - wide'' like come on.... You should be able to set a number because the FOV is a calculated number and not a option you should setup by feeling. I would really like to know why this limited pitch movement and up and down movement for the seat postion even exists? This doesn't make any sense. I'm done with Dirt games, after racing in ACC or Raceroom where you can setup everything correctly with no limitations I can't go back to this wrong FOV and seat position stuff from Dirt Rally 2.0 ... Sorry to say this, but all those limited half hearted setup options are screaming: ''Arcade!'' and destroying an otherwise good rally sim ;(
  5. Yes you are right, it saves it already individually 😄
  6. ... so another good thing would be if the game would save the seat position for each car individually (if this unlimited or increased seat position is possible). Maybe there is some sort of limitation in the basic code of DR 2.0. It would be nice to hear if this is even possible (and maybe a thing for the future) or not possible at all. 🕵️‍♂️
  7. I think it would be nice for a lot of people (including me) to move the seat position with no limit in every direction (front, back, up, down, tilt). It would create the possibility to set everything in line with your Simracing setup. Right now the possible movement is way too small to create an immersive position 😞 Also the FOV slider should be replaced with a number setting, otherwise this is useless. And the FOV should be also adjustable unlimited, because the lowest possible FOV setting is not enough for most setups if you want to go correctly. It's a small suggestion but it would be a big gamechanger if you could make this happen Codemasters 🙂 Best regards, HomieFFM