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  1. TeddytheBeakman

    Welcome to the new GRID

    They would be far less stressed had they simply not released an unfinished game in the first place. It is not acceptable to sell any software in this state. It never used to happen. In the days before the internet, games had to work as there was no way to patch it once its out there. It makes no difference if the games are more complicated these days, that just means they need more time to complete the game. They should give themselves that time. Im not here to test or report bugs, Codemaster's sold me the game to play it Yet I cannot. Its highly frustrating when people seem to accept this kind of **** as "part of gaming". It sends the wrong message to the game studio. If you bought a TV and it kept turning its self off, would you just accept that as part of watching TV? No, you'd get it fixed or replaced or get your money back. If you bought a car and it kept braking down do you accept thats part of motoring? Or do you get rid of the problem car and get a totally different one? Do you buy a cooked food and accept its part of eating if its raw? Or would you demand another COOKED one? Or storm out of the place without paying? Why are games any different. WE shouldn't have to wait for any patches, the game is finished. Its been through Codemasters QA. They have a whole floor dedicated to it. What does that say about their Quality Assurance. Maybe QA means Questions and Answers to Codies???
  2. TeddytheBeakman

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    2:10 Whether your playing Offline against AI, or online against the world. LMAO