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  1. Well damn, I have to take back any annoyance with the last version (I think it's 1.10.1 now) it broke the game totally, and then somehow the next day, another 6gb update and the difference is huge. I went from stuttering but getting ok performance at 90hz in 1.9, and 1.10.1 i'm now running it at 120hz. still getting slight drops but last time I tried 120hz it was hanging around 60-70 I think. Whatever you did with the stuttering over confused usb connections, it's a hell of a fix. I think the thing that really got me was how I could see a sign fly towards me, at 120hz it's crazy how depth perception comes into it, the immersion goes up a notch for sure. On the note of immersion, now that VR is getting some work, I wanted to suggest giving some options for the visual aspects in the car. First up the driver never left foot brakes. I think most people probably do it a fair bit, I'm not sure how it could work, if just making the left foot brake whenever you're not engaging the clutch, or if something more contextual would work, but some option there would be awesome. Another thing is the wheel, It took a while to get it feeling right, it seems to match how the car turns but the virtual wheel still turns a fair bit more than my physical one. I was thinking an option to override the sensitivity of the virtual wheel without changing the actual physical wheel and car control, it would help with the immersion too. It's the type of thing that probably isn't that noticeable as its in peripheral vision as you look around the track, but if it did match the physical wheel it'd help make you feel right there in the car.
  2. The topic you link to for VR bugs is actually closed.. On 1.10, when loading the service screen (setup, tires etc.) My headset freezes every time. I get that I won't get the same support afforded to oculus and vive users, but I'm using a psvr headset with iVRy driver. It's supposed to let steam VR treat it as an oculus or index, worked pretty well in the last update; which I'm wondering how to downgrade to, so I can at least use custom events. Lol my bad, actually it's crashing in any mode, in flat screen I think I hit start stage, I hear all the sound loading, but the screen is somehow stuck on communicating with racenet. lovely update guys. Any idea when I'll be able to use the product I paid money for again? As someone pointed out in one of these threads back in august, ****** updates wouldn't be an issue if you utilised the steam beta function to enable reverting to a version of the game that works. Instead we have this dodgy roulette, where maybe the update will make the game better, or maybe some things will get worse. In this case, It made my game completely unplayable, it broke it. Maybe you're just focussed on the cycle of fixing the bugs caused by one update in the next, but you need to listen to the community and let us pick which version we want. I remember several versions making it worse where I would have decided to stick with the one I had, and skipped an update. That is NOT difficult to allow through steam, please spend the few man hours it would require.