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  1. SourPatchRash

    Game keeps freezing .

    Welcome to Grid šŸ˜¬
  2. SourPatchRash

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    I really do hope you guys are able to fix this game, I really enjoy it. This is the racing game I've been waiting for and I'm still interested in purchasing the DLC. Hopefully you guys got this and can turn this around.
  3. SourPatchRash

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    I'll even give everyone the password, you tell PlayStation "my gaming experience was ruined." Idk why but those are the magic words if you're looking for a refund.
  4. SourPatchRash

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    You can get a refund from the PS network. It's not easy but they will do it if a game is legitimately broken. I know because I did it with Shadow Warrior 2 because it was busted AF.
  5. SourPatchRash

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    I'm having the issues on a base PS4. I'm going to wait for the next patch but if they don't make this right I'll be getting a refund myself.
  6. SourPatchRash

    Base PS4, Crashes are NOT the biggest issue.

    I've had it happen on at least 2 different events, everytime I tried them. I can't remember which ones otherwise I'd list them. Also tho it's not my job to test this game.
  7. SourPatchRash

    Base PS4, Crashes are NOT the biggest issue.

    And maybe this is some sort pf crash but the game never actually crashes out. It just sits there on the placement screen, controler does nothing and the real strange part is the button prompts sometimes don't even appear on the screen. Idk, is that a crash? I'm not a video game wizard I just want to be able to play a game I payed money for.
  8. SourPatchRash

    Base PS4, Crashes are NOT the biggest issue.

    If the freezing was random I would agree that it's as bad as crashes but it's on certain career events. And no I'm not going to test the game for Codemasters, not my job.
  9. SourPatchRash

    Base PS4, Crashes are NOT the biggest issue.

    This is a sort of freezing. It basically freezes after some races. You're just stuck in the placement screen. My point is that a crash is one thing, it's not cool and annoying as Hell. But this freezing issue is actually worse. If the game crashes you can just start the game back up but if it freezes after a race you can't progress. So yes, the freezing is a bigger issue than random crashes. It's a bigger issue and more game breaking than a random crash. My concern is that I'm mostly seeing posts about the crashes but again random crashes < freezing on certian races. The freezing isn't random, you litterly can't finish some career races.
  10. I'm seeing mostly people talking about the crashing issues on PS4. Yeah it's not good and needs to be fixed. The biggest problem is that after certain career mode races the game becomes unresponsive on the placement screen. Sometimes the controller doesn't respond and sometimes the button prompts on tye screen aren't even there. This is a bigger issue than the crashes. It makes progress impossible and the game unplayable because you have to back out of the game and close it. Why would I even try to play a game that broken? Base PS4, regular controller, system is fine every other game runs fine. Can anyone else please confirm this issue?
  11. SourPatchRash

    Crash reports and resulting steps - updates here

    I hope you are texting every career mode race. At the end of several of them on the placement screen the controller becomes unresponsive and/or there are no button promts to continue. You just have to back out and close the game. This is actually a bigger issue then the crashes as it makes progress impossible amd the game unplayable. Base PS4, regular controller everyother game I have runs fine.
  12. SourPatchRash

    PS4 Grid crashes

    Are you addressing the game freezing after career mode races? This is worse than the crashes because you can't even progress. The game is either freezing or the controller becomes unresponsive and sometimes the button prompts don't even appeare on screen. Base PS4.
  13. SourPatchRash

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    Yeah this is the absolute worst state I've ever seen a game in. Fallout 76, "hold my beer," said Codemasters.
  14. SourPatchRash

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    I even called them. They said that they're working on it.
  15. SourPatchRash

    Problems with Curtain Races

    Yeah the game is so broken it's basically unplayable. Kinda feeling like I threw $60 in the trash, not cool.