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  1. Are you addressing the game freezing after career mode races? This is worse than the crashes because you can't even progress. The game is either freezing or the controller becomes unresponsive and sometimes the button prompts don't even appeare on screen. Base PS4.
  2. Ps4, controller. Lot's of crashes after patch, usually for me right before a race. Game freezes after some career mode races. The scene where it shows where everyone placed, the controller becomes unresponsive. This game is in a pretty poor state for a $60 AAA game. This is on a level with Bethesda. How about you guys do the work, test your game, put in some hours and fix it. The current state of this game is completely unacceptable.
  3. I actually called them on the phone. The state of this game is ridiculous.
  4. That and the game freezes after some races in career mode.
  5. Same, either cashes when loading race or freezes after a race. Unacceptable.

    1. eu3891


      I agree completely with you, especially because it happened to me once the sudden crashes ruined the rescues, luckily this time it didn't happen but when I see the PS4 blue screen I'm always scared

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