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  1. CHEATS DO EXIST for F1 2021 and the past Codemasters F1 games . It is mentioned even in this thread : https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/91511-codemasters-do-something-against-f1cheatssite-and-other-cheating-sites/ They CAN NOT use a different version of the game ( what would be the point of you trying to qualify and drive against them when they have an advantage by having a different version - THIS CAN NOT BE TRUE - they also bought the game from Steam , Steam CAN NOT give 2 different versions of the game --> THE GAME MUST BE THE SAME FOR EVERYONE , OTHERWISE OTHER PEOPLE WILL
  2. Happy New Year ! 🏎️1️⃣🏁🍾 I am refreshing this thread and I will not respond to other comments . For people who are curious I am attaching a video where someone managed to get 1st place on the leaderboard ( PC one ? ) in the Qualification to F1 Esports 2021 with a controller !!! I find his movements very unnatural [ there are no wheel snaps , no car control , no wheelspins , no brake lock ups etc . - these things happen when you drive with a wheel with no assists where you have to put a lot of effort to counter them and to be delicate with the wheel , throttle , brake a
  3. 1. The suggestions I made are for the developers and they will decide and verify what it is best for them and if it helps them for the future games , especially that there are rare posts of physics . The game can still remain user friendly if these suggestions are implemented ( because the users can turn on assists ) . 2. I already admitted that other people may be better than me ( it is indeed my fault no one elses - I must work harder , but I did not blame anyone + it seems that you got the wrong idea ) . Those suggestions were to improve the gameplay for everyone ( hence no one mention
  4. I disagree with you . For F1 2021 controllers could be as fast as wheels , here a link ( dude got same lap time with wheel then controller ) : Also here is some info from a comment from this video you probably were not aware about : " In the older f1 games there was some increased traction hardcoded in the game, and on top of that oversteer catching assist for pad controllers. That's why alot of e-sport guys use pad to qualify for certain tracks. There is a MASSIVE bonus for slow corners. Especially on braking and accelerating out of it. " For 2020 and ba
  5. Controllers : It is indeed not fair to not let other competitiors use controllers , but at the same time it is really hard to find them guilty in case they use cheat ( it is also more likely that people who have a controller would use cheat [ because is cheaper ] rather than someone who has a rig ) . From my own point of view if controllers are denied , there will be less cheaters to handle . ERS : I do not have trouble managing ERS . I could say I am better than average but not the best . The difference between you , me and other drivers who try to qualify to F1 Esports
  6. Hello ! There are a few things I want to mention to you which you probably do not know : 1. To prove you that ERS is not completely used automatically I will attach this screenshot : As you can see these are my settings I use . You could be assisted in using ERS if you turn ERS Assist On . This option should not exist in order to respect in terms of realism the real F1 . That is why I mentioned it should be completely automatically . If you turn ERS Assist OFF you get more control over the ERS used so therefore you have an advantage over the other virtual competitors who l
  7. It would be nice if some or maybe all suggestions above could be implemented in the next games , especially F1 2022 when the F1 car will change according to the rules . Those suggestions will make the game much more fairer for other competitiors rather than the usual ones who always qualify (they have been the same for the past F1 Esports seasons and it started to become boring). Also I would like to add as well another post I made in here so the developers can have all suggestions in one place : I would love to know what tuning of the car must be made in order to have it beha
  8. Hello ! Thanks for the reply . I would love to know what tuning of the car must be made in order to have it behave similar just like in Time Trial . Like which part of the car must be changed : the Front/Rear Suspenison , Front/Rear Wing , etc . . If there is anyone who reads this post and knows how to make the setup of the car in Time Trial similar to the one in Grand Prix please help if possible ! It is really annoying to struggle to create a setup in Time Trial be it dry or wet , just to find yourself again in a Grand Prix that the setup you created in Time Trial is not good
  9. M101T800

    Request !

    Hello ! I have the following request : Please the setup of the car in Time Trial feels different from the setup used in any Grand Prix . In Time Trial the setup of the car tends to be understeery , but when used in Grand Prix it becomes oversteery . Could you please make an update where the behaviour of the car in Time Trial remains the same when used in Grand Prix ? This has been a problem in the past few games . Please fix if possible ! If not , please give players some hints what players should change at the Time Trial setup to make the car behave in the same way in
  10. Hello ! I have the following questions : 1. Please the car in Time Trial feels different from the one in the Grand Prix . What settings should I change in order to make the car behave in a similar way ? 2. Is it also possible to make an update where the behaviour of the car in Time Trial remains the same in the Grand Prix ? This has been a problem for the past games where the setup in Time Trial was understeery , but when used in Grand Prix became oversteery . Thank you very much ! Best Regards
  11. Good evening ! I am a customer since 2017 of the Codemasters F1 games . I also want to mention the fact that I always used Elite driving settings and 110% AI . I would like to post the following 12 requests for improving the game realism : 1. Is it possible to make kerbs total unfriendly , because pro esports drivers and people who qualify to F1 Esports abuse of them in a way normal people can not ? For example on Azerbaidjan turn 15 I believe the F1 Esports drivers cut it completely ( this also happens to other F1 tracks as well ) . When average drivers of the game do this the
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