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  1. hello. ive been having a bit of sound trouble since the 1.11 update. It is the sound cutting out bug. i never had this issue until this latest update. Its happened to me 3 times in the past day or so, and its only done it for the engine sounds of the BMW E30 each time. i have a good headset, and i can just barely hear the engine sounds, like the volume is at 1 or 2, not at full volume like 100. i can hear the revs, the shifts, all of it, so its not missing, but it get buried under my co-driver calls, road/track noise, etc. the game is providing the calls and environmental sound effects just as they should be, no issues there. the odd part is that it will be just fine on some runs, then go back to being almost silent. all other cars up til this point have been working and sounding fine. i play through Steam on my PC. thanks in advance for any help/info/fix you can do to hopefully straighten this out. have a good 1! -Nytefyre