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  1. hello. ive been having a bit of sound trouble since the 1.11 update. It is the sound cutting out bug. i never had this issue until this latest update. Its happened to me 3 times in the past day or so, and its only done it for the engine sounds of the BMW E30 each time. i have a good headset, and i can just barely hear the engine sounds, like the volume is at 1 or 2, not at full volume like 100. i can hear the revs, the shifts, all of it, so its not missing, but it get buried under my co-driver calls, road/track noise, etc. the game is providing the calls and environmental sound effects just as they should be, no issues there. the odd part is that it will be just fine on some runs, then go back to being almost silent. all other cars up til this point have been working and sounding fine. i play through Steam on my PC. thanks in advance for any help/info/fix you can do to hopefully straighten this out. have a good 1! -Nytefyre
  2. Nytefyre

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    **PATCH 1.10.1** Played Through: Steam, no VR OS: Windows 7 64bit CPU/GPU: i7-3770 / GTX 1070 GTX RoG Edition Game Version: Deluxe Version, currently v1.10.1 Controls: Logitech Mouse and XBox360 Controller Hello. It would seem that this latest update may have caused the 'no engine sound' bug to show up again. I had it happen to me while running the daily challenge in Wales. All the other sounds, like the co-driver, dirt/gravel and crowd came through 100% fine. The lack of engine noise was like what I imagine driving an electric car would sound like...silence... However, I could NOT get this bug to happen again. I tried to use the same event setup and car (NR4/R4 Subaru) in free drive repeatedly, and since, it has performed as it should. So, the reason I posted this anyway was simply because there has been other reports of this happening to other players in the past versions of the game. Hopefully it was just a fluke. Thanks!
  3. Nytefyre

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    I have since tried out the event in question, and it is now fully working. Thank you Codies and PJ Tierney for both your very prompt response to my issue and quickly correcting it, and for ALL your hard work in delivering a great rally sim game. I appreciate the attention to detail, and the challenge of the game itself. I see a lot of hate and upset people that seem to want to take it out on you guys, but know that there are a bunch of people out in game-land who are grateful for your efforts! Thanks again for all your help! Now, back to trying to NOT throw my car off the mountain in Monaro, LOL! EDIT: Please see my previous post in this thread to see what problem got corrected. Thanks.
  4. Nytefyre

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    Played Through: Steam, no VR OS: Windows 7 64bit CPU/GPU: i7-3770 / GTX 1070 GTX RoG Edition Game Version: Deluxe Version, currently v1.10 Controls: Logitech Mouse and XBox360 Controller I'm thinking this is a mismatch thing, but, I started a monthly rally (The Community Events Monthly Challenge, RWD H3 Class) and am currently in Monaro, Australia. I started this while in v1.9, and after the version 1.10 update, I get this message when trying to continue: CONNECTION FAILED Progressing to the main menu will result in you losing your progress Error Code: 3d9d11debbaec10-cd3417a4-40-58 **Retry** **GO TO MAIN MENU** **BACK** The strange thing is, it will let me load into that event, and even run shakedowns, however, when I try to go to the *START* option and begin the actual run, that is when I get the CONNECTION FAILED error message and code listed above. It has happened 100% of the time out of easily 15 to 20 tries. That includes attempted fixes like rebooting the PC, restarting Steam itself, and closing/reloading DR2.0. Thanks in advance for your help! I hope I can get back to it soon! EDIT: After trying the other races (a combination of Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges, it would seem that the Monthy RWD H3event that was in progress is the only one affected. I would like to NOT lose the progress I've made, especially since I completely reset my account recently (my choice, no fault on your part), every credit counts!! LOL! Anyways, if the only way to fix this, is to retire from that event, I'll do that. A fix, however, would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Also, the reset I performed made me lose my 'My Team' M2 BMW for the first set of World Series qualifiers. I'm hoping that will re-appear in my garage soon, especially since I participated in round 2 of the qualifiers. And, if you wanted to be extra generous, I was a part of the launch day RaceNet issues where you were kind enough to offset those problems with some credits. Anyways, I'll give this a few days, and tackle the other challenges. Thanks again for the great game, and for any help you can provide! Wishing you all smooth, clean runs! Thanks!