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  1. CarpetRanger

    New GRID 5 (Start from here Codemasters)

    How about, maybe get just a little insight from real drivers on how cars should handle. My Duramax will take corners better than some of the cars portrayed in this gamešŸ˜‰. Not really, but still....not good.
  2. Controls used: Fanatec CSL ellite wheelbase, V3 pedals, Formula V2 wheel/Club sport GT wheel. Now, I may be way off base here so don't bludgeon me as I usually do not post much on forums, but I just have to get some opinions on this subject. One of my favorite forms of auto racing is the V8 Supercar championship, so Grid having them is awesome. However; the handling seems quite horrendous. Just seems the traction threshold of corner speed is way under the speeds of a Supercars true threshold. There really isn't a feeling of slip the car just goes into a drift so to speak even when trail or cadence (non-ABS) braking. Even after spending way to much time setting up a car(in game and wheel settings) in an arcade driver. Really doesn't even seem to loose the back end as much. Acts more like a 4wd loosing grip/pushing at to high of corner entry speeds. Also I am not at all a stock car fan, but seems the "Nastruck" is way loose maybe even worse. I drive more sim based games but fully understand this is an arcade style game and am not comparing it to sims like Asseto or GTSport. I have always enjoyed the Grid line but this one seems to have the handling a little less enjoyable on some cars.