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  1. chapy09

    Thrustmaster Wheel Setup Help - PS4

    I just bought this wheel the other day. I was master rank with the pad, and was competitive with nearly any AI setting, but now I'm ~5 seconds per lap slower or more at every single track even after hours of tinkering with wheel settings and tuning the car. Even though I was much faster on the pad I enjoy the game more with the wheel. But it is a little frustrating being so much slower than I was on the pad.
  2. chapy09

    Pad vs wheel car setup

    I have used the pad for a year now (still relatively new to F1) and just picked up 2019 last week. Within a day I had master rank online and was quite competitive with 100+ AI. I have always wanted a wheel and just the other day I was able to get the Thrustmaster Ferrari t80 488 gtb edition (cheap wheel, I know) and now I can barely get around the track. Not even competitive with AI at 40. Understeer is absolutely killing me and I’ve tried for hours to mess with wheel settings/car settings with no success. I definitely prefer the game with the wheel, but I miss being a competent driver. Very frustrating