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  1. Yeah alt-tabbing in and out is another "solution" but I do the saturation approach as I'd rather have something that doesn't involve messing about. This issue isn't restricted to DR2.0 either, happens in Grid Autosport and Dirt 4 as well, I put it down to being GHUB being bobbins. My G25 and the old gaming software just worked for the most part, its a little frustrating having a far more modern wheel and lots more issues.
  2. Don't know if its limited to codemasters games but ever since I got my G923 and GHUB the wheel degrees of rotation settings I configure in GHUB just does not work. Starting a game just resets the wheels rotation settings etc to factory default (i.e. 900 degrees) no matter what's set in any profiles. Trying to manually switch GHUB profile in game via a button assignment will fix the rotation but then all FFB drops. I just gave up with trying to use GHUB to set it, my workaround is to leave all wheel settings at default in GHUB and then use in game saturation to configure the rotation I want, I
  3. Get your foot off the gas, the reset vehicle prompt won't appear unless you let go of everything.
  4. OK I just tried this and it seems much improved running without GHUB for me in the limited testing I have carried out.
  5. G923 user also with broken FFB here. This better not be the last patch!!
  6. And yet somehow they've still managed to break the FFB on the G923 in this release. I had it working perfectly by manually editing the XML files, and now they've made those changes official the FFB is completely and utterly broken. What on earth.
  7. VR MSAA issue here as well. This is such a blatantly obvious issue I have to question whether these releases are actually tested in VR before being pushed out.
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